First day at the job

It was quite relaxed. Started just before 9:00am by cooking some breakfast. Throughout the day I was mostly cleaning the house, and sweeping the rooms. I got rid of some used electronics like a couple of old TVs, a monitor, a bunch of lights and other random bits like old ethernet cards and stuff. It was good getting rid of junk. Flush away the old, bring in the new.

I cleaned a bit, I swam a bit, I went to town and the sailing club with the family, I smoked a J at around 3:30pm, I chilled a bit, and we got some more stuff for the house. My sister cooked some nice dinner and helped me clean the kitchen. And I earned 300baht at the end of the day- the national minimum wage – plus benefits. There’s many benefits with working under your family. And its good that I’m doing it now to shake things up a bit, get stuff out of the way and dealt with.

I got positive peer and management appraisal so that’s a good start to a first day. Now we have to think of what next?

How do we evolve this place to attract more guests?

We have the capacity- no problem. What we need is a reason for people to come here. A service that we’re offering like lessons in: permaculture, martial arts, yoga, music or get skilled people to come use our house for those reasons.

I need a good team with skills. That’s the next step. I need teachers who can set up courses here. Maybe I have to learn something first myself. Just to be the starting teacher and experiment with different options. I could also use this time to look for other places I could work in (still thinking about engineering pools and having knowledge about them).

We’ll get there. Slowly but surely. It’s good I’m getting paid for this shit now. We’ll see where it takes us.

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