Surfing the wave of inspiration I have right now

So many thoughts. Riding them like waves, but I need more practice. Hence the blog.


People that are more comfortable with it around each other are much more pleasant to work with. The work culture has to be open and free. Not in a let’s-all-be-nudist-and-go-to-work kind of way… well yeah, actually why not.

I mean that’d be an achievement to get that level of comfort around each other. Not in a rapey, sketchy kind of way. Just love, and doing things out of curiousity. It’s where do you draw the line? For me, I have no business in what other people are doing outside of my community.  Even within my community.

I know a responsible way to travel.

Go to different countries to improve the eco-balance. I’m talking about your direct environment. The place your roof is under. Invest in sustainable energies. Became a source of good vibrations to what may seem like a lost city.

Horseshoe point. There’s help nearby.

Ask for jobs at horseshoe point. Don’t do it directly. Just create conversation. Create your own job. I’m an entrepreneur. I can talk my way into people.

Maybe I’m a family man. Maybe I want to create an empire for the last vision of my parents.

Here’s me free-writing. Free. Alive.

I don’t think there’s anything more alive than this. Typing into the world. Into cyberspace. Into forever.

As long as the human race will live anyway.


Urban farming. Holy shit. This music.

It’s like listening to the soundtrack of your own life.


Making music or entertainment and getting my sister to film it.


Work with people in Australia and New Zealand to build pools in Thailand.

Coalition forces would be good at peacekeeping as well. Although not sure how politics would fall into that.

No, just train the police force. Foreign volunteering. The family men though. People who would want to move to Thailand.

The bathing hole. It’s like a place for socialization as well. It’s like the king’s swimming pool, that everyone gets to swim in. It’s the swimming hole of mother nature.

We got to attract people to the countryside, make their own sustainable living homes.

Living homes. Literally. People, animals. It’s like City of God. But then with more imagination.

I need a girl who knows about shit. Like useful stuff in terms of gardening, herbal medicine. But I can choose any country. Maybe I’ll find a nice girl working in agri-business. Or pool building. (Combined preferably. Think eco-pools.)

Maybe I need an anchor. I’m just floating in space now. Literally. I’m only protected  by my atmosphere.

I can’t seem to be able to vlog much. It’s much harder talking in a camera. Maybe I have to watch Avatar again, see how they do it.

See that’s why. Star Wars is awesome.

Like that idea I had. Waiter containers as UV filters, looking light lightsabers. People will joke about jedi dicks ofcourse, but that’s also Star Wars. Your UV filter can be a very serious tool in harsh environments.



I had an interesting day today. Going to my old school with my sister. Long story, but there was this incidence at the oval in terms of group behavior  We were walking to some place, and nobody was really following anyone. We just all assumed a leader. And that leader felt like it was me. I didn’t know I was leading until I was walking on the grass. I was standing in the grass, and was like, “wha’…?”

Awkward. But it made me realize more about my role as a leader. Again.

I need to look for a job. We need to start a business. In Pool building. We can experiment here. This is market research at its finest.

It seems like I need to hurry up and get started. Its like an engine that I’m trying to start looking at a waterfall. Accept your death. Or just give it one more shot. Make it a game. Fuck it, you’re dead anyway. Either way you place this game, you gotta control the bricks and make it fun, or let yourself be dragged in by your constraints.

Are you gonna sail, or are you gonna hit every brick on the way down? It’s up to you how you plan this journey, but I plan it with a mast and a sail. I want to understand sustainable energy. I want to build windmill farms. And solar. If we get to that. I want to improve eco-balance. Thats my job. I’m an eco-entrepreneur. I’m a first gear kind of guy. I’m a starter. I’ll start a bunch of solar farms. I”ll expand the business.


Long pause there. I was working on turning this house into a home. A place of resort. A resort. That’s what I want. I was thinking of working with pool companies, and interning there for now. I need to volunteer here. At a pool company or something. I need to intern. Not volunteer.

Mountain biking tomorrow. This is gonna be good. Gonna read a book then sleep. Good night.

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