Following the path my heart resists the least

Do work you love. People say it quite easily, but actually doing work you love and being able to sustain a living are different paths that might meet if you work to make it so.

I just read a blog about 2 strategies to take:
-the organic way, in which you’ll amplify the aspects of a job you like and lower the aspects you don’t and
-the 2 path way, in which you work a job to make money to work on the things you do like with the spare time you have

I’d have to experiment with this myself. For a while I’ve been thinking about agriculture and hospitality as 2 different industries I’d like to join, with technology as the overarching umbrella. I think the way of the future can only be sustained with better technology. That, or throwing ourselves back into the stoneage with a nuclear holocaust. But the latter tends to be the less popular option.

I always ask myself “how can this be done more efficiently?” Even when I’m doing something simple like waiting tables at a party. I think beyond what I’m doing, and look at the management side of it. Even then, I’ve never done a job long enough for me to really get the organization better.

What I want in a job is to be able to meet different people. A small scale business set up is alright, as long as there is an inflow of people coming in and out. A hostel would be interesting. It’s very possible to begin an organic set up from there as well, by for example, growing certain plants in certain places, and reinvesting in sustainable technologies. But maybe I have to look at more upscale ‘hostels’ like resorts. Eco-resorts. Would I be able to intern there as a receptionist? Or assistant manager? Or consult with their marketing department in order to sell a certain hotel software application?

What about agriculture? Do I really want to get involved in the technology side of things? It would be cool, and it would make me want to incorporate a more organic lifestyle as well, but I feel it would have to start with education or an internship. Now I have the opportunity to study at one of the best agriculture universities in the world (Wageningen). At least if they accept my grades and admit me to the bridge program. I think I’d like to do the bridging program anyway.

I think hotel software technolgy would have its limits for me. Although if I did the sales effectively, I could sustain a reasonable income for myself doing other things, but its the question of how I’m going to throw myself into this. I could learn it while taking my laptop to Pattaya beach or something. Just to be in a different environment. Maybe I need to shadow my dad. I need to write notes. Be a student again. Get that workbook out. Start cracking. Contact agencies. Work through their networks.

What does this mean for me now? Go back to Pattaya? Stay a bit here? Choices. Lets go to Pattaya.

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