Khao San road: buckets, balloons and bands

Khao San road left an impression on me the first time I arrived, stepping out of the cab strapped in a backpack, taking in the view and capturing it with my second hand Nikon. We were greeted by a local who asked us where we were going and pointed us in the right direction, not trying to hard sell anything, but genuinely helping out. Walking past the food carts on the roadside and pavement, the smells were overwhelming for my fresh off the plane backpack buddy Duane, who’d never been to a country like Thailand before. This was going to be an adventure.

I love the Khao San area so much. It’s got the right balance of crazy and mellow vibes. It’s everything you’d want as a backpacker: high quality, low priced massages, food and clothes; laughing gas balloons and the well known buckets of mixed drinks; music to suit everyone’s taste if you know where to look as the live music is superb and the clubs are numerous. And if you’re not afraid to go there without booking anything, you might be able to find a jewel of a hostel… Such as ‘Hostel Full’.

‘Hostel Full’ may be a confusing name, but it probably brings good tidings for the business owners. It’s amazing. For only 200 baht a night, you live a 5 minute walk away from the actual Thanon Khao San (Khao San Road), and you get access to clean rooms, free WiFi, and plenty of local support businesses which, if you’re a bit sneaky, may also allow you to swim in a rooftop infinite pool 😉 the owners are a couple from Korea and Thailand, and they are the sweetest business owners I have ever met. The hostel only opened up 2 months ago, and so they work tirelessly to serve their guests, doing many of the hostel tasks themselves such as check-in, security and cleaning, although they do receive help from part time employees. It’s really great, and I hope they’ll stay in business for a long time 🙂

When it comes to my writing, I hope to be able to provide value through writing about experiences which will help my fellow travellers to form decisions on where to go and how to travel. I have a few more tips about travelling in Bangkok/Thailand that I’d like to get out, but I’ll save those for another day. Ciao for now!

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