Independent Travelling in BKK

I accidentally just deleted a whole bunch of writing. And there ain’t a ‘Ctrl + Z’ on an iPhone which is what I’m writing this on. I am mildly bothered by this incident. Anyhow…

Here we go again. Sitting here in a coffeeshop (the coffee kind, not the other since it ain’t exactly legal). I’m on the edge of the Chatuchak market in Bangkok and attempting a 30 day everyday blog trial period. I realize this would be a lot easier if I had a laptop.

I saw a respectable looking skateboard for the first time in Thailand today (compared to the other piece of crap skateboards they sell here). It was a Penny. Probably the right board to have in a city like Bangkok because you’d be doing a lot of carrying around as Bangkok has mostly shitty terrain to skate on. Maybe something with bigger wheels, but don’t overkill it with 86mm Seismic Speedvents because you still need to drag that thing across town half the time. As a sidenote, Bangkok would be longboard heaven without the cars.

Thailand is amazing though: the food, the people, the weather. The way to describe all three of these, and the aspect I like most about them, is that they’re warm and intensely diverse. The food is cooked in roadside carts, at markets or in restaurants and the flavours are explosive, from sweet desserts to spicy curries and everything in between. And on top of that very affordable. The people are mostly sweet and helpful, and I personally enjoy haggling over price with the local shopkeepers. The people in Bangkok especially are very diverse, ranging from the uniformed palace soldier to the flamboyant transvestite who makes sure everyone knows that they walk the path that bends gender rules. The weather is unpredictable, although almost guaranteed to be warm all year round (at least in Bangkok). It can be sunny in the morning, then suddenly its pouring buckets in the afternoon which then stops abruptly an hour later. Even the variety in the weather is pleasant, as the rains cool things down, and you still have time to appreciate the sun.

I was planning to write about other things as well but this is really taking a lot of time, especially since I deleted my first entry by accident and working on this iPhone is actually not really that comfortable. I need a laptop. I’ll keep my posts short until I get my hands on improved electronics. That’s all for now! Thanks and come again 🙂

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