Mushroom trip

I had magic mushrooms recently. I grew them myself which I’m pretty proud of. The whole process which lead up to eating them gave me a lot of joy and energy. Consuming them was amazing…
I started to feel effects 20mins after ingestion. That’s when I realized “Damn I better quickly finish this email before I start tripping out” so I finished my email, and went to my room. I started organizing my room and seeing what I needed. I put on lighter clothes and tried making myself feel more comfortable because I was wearing jeans, shoes, and a lot of other clothes. I also came back from playing basketball so I was kind of hot and sticky. I decided to then take a shower. 
Getting in the shower was amazing. Correction. Showers ARE amazing. I love being able to regulate the temperature of the water that’s flowing over your body. Showering with the opposite sex is also nice 😉 I also solve world problems in showers. 
Anyway, when I got out, I wore my fisherman pants and felt pretty tired from my day, so I made my bed fresh and comfortable and started cocooning in it. It felt really good. I had visuals as well, but that wasn’t at all the focus of my trip… 
Other people may focus more on visuals. Depends on the person. Wais for example took 1, and felt it 4 hours later. He came into my room awakening from a dream, telling me about a visual he had, and he got scared, so I talked to him about it and told him to sit down on my office chair. It felt like trying to calm a child who just had a nightmare. When he was done, he went back to his room… I was at the time writing an email to the Boardfather because my train of thought wasn’t stopping, even though it was past 1am, long after the most intense effects of the shrooms had subsided. 
The funny thing is, I also woke up awake at 7:30am the morning after shrooms. I never have that. I was expecting 9:00am at least, but with shrooms, it seemed like it gave me better rest, and more energy. 
I should actually visit that smartshop in Rotterdam West because it was like a health and wellness store. Maybe they know more. Also the one shop Wais told me about. The one in the centrum which sells something relevant to growing plants or something… 
Going off in a tangent here. This story I’m writing is like Pulpfiction. It’s jumping all over the place in chronology. Let’s get back to where we left off chronologically though.
I was cocooning in my bed when Mert came home, (my other roommate) and I woke, fully energized to greet him at the door. We started talking, and he noticed I was on shrooms. We had some interesting conversations and interactions. 
We were talking about what I was doing in terms of my Urban Farming business plan, and he was playing Devil’s advocate in making me defend what I was sort of doing. I saw right through all of his questions. I understood the core of the issue, so I conquered it. 
He was then a bit annoying, as I was tripping out on my shrooms, and he was trying to tell me stories or having pointless conversations about stuff. I didn’t feel the need to hear what he was talking about, and there was no point in for him to say it other than to create noise and some sort of traffic between the two of us. I sometimes don’t feel like dealing with other people’s stories and other baggage they carry, which is why I often times like being alone. I’m working on becoming more empathic however…I just find it really hard at times, because I don’t always care about the stories of something someone else experienced which I haven’t… so blog about it, and let me read it in my own time if its really that important to talk about it and express it. 
This is not a personal criticism towards my roommate, but rather a notice of how I myself see situations. It’s not that I don’t care about the other person, I just don’t always feel like listening to pointless conversations and stories. 
Anyhow, after our interaction I shooed my roommate to go to his own room, as I was busy philosophizing, and playing devil’s advocate with myself, debating propositions, and speaking out loud to so I could hear myself think. Pacing up and down inside the space of the house, I was figuring out my own thoughts and I had what I felt was a moment of enlightenment: a moment of total clarity of everything. My life’s purpose all seemed to fall together into the present. I could see where it came from and how it would further develop, starting to become more and more appreciative of the environment I was in. 
I had another conversation with my roommate, and this time it was much more positive as we talked about what he was planning to do and why he wanted to study aerospace. He was explaining to me this theory about traveling through dimensions,  being able to ‘fold through’ another dimension, and something about the Higgs Boson as well. I didn’t completely understand it, but it sounded fascinating and thought it was cool he was going to chase that idea even further. 
We started cooking when both of us got hungry, and through this found a new system for the home: they cook, whilst I clean. I thought that was a pretty good deal. 
My problem is that I don’t eat enough vegetables because I’m too lazy to cook. I had the ingredients, but they were in the fridge already a few days. Mert enjoys to cook, and was willing to put effort in it as well so I was like: outsource that shit! Get Mert to cook my dinner, while I support and clean up after. 
The benefit of me being in total control of common room hygiene is that I have a knack for order, and I will make sure that kitchen is spick and span at all times. I use Shifu’s motto “More Chi, Train Harder!” in a lot of aspects of my life as well, including chores, and overcome any feelings of laziness by focusing on the task at hand. I enjoy cleaning more than cooking because I enjoy having others cook food for me. I’ve got cooking basics, but if someone else wants to do it, I’d prefer it. It’s like Shifu says: “If you don’t want to do it, the easy things become difficult but if you want to do it, the hard things become easy.” and cleaning is something I want to do, because I have a strong need for order in the house. 
After a while, my other roommate (Wais) came home as well, and we were chilling in the kitchen talking until dinner was ready and ate in the living room/dining room/Wais’ room. I then got behind my computer and started working on stuff like sending emails, writing messages, writing notes, sorting out music files and this went on until 1am, when I finally slept. 
With shrooms, the trip never really ends because what happens is you break into a new realm of consciousness. You start seeing things in a whole different light. Smoking marijuana helps do this as well, but not in the way shrooms does. Shrooms give total clarity whereas marijuana just amplifies what you already have. 
With the above mentioned substances, I suggest they both be taken in moderation. I think ‘waking and baking’ is a bit too intense, but having a J at the end of a day is amazing, especially if you’ve earned it. I don’t believe in the detrimental effects of smoking marijuana in moderation because if it runs out or is simply not available, I don’t have a problem with it. Also, according to my research, much of the negative side effects marijuana gives can be easily countered by abstaining for a week in order for your body to return to its normal state. So far, I have not experienced any problems with smoking as after I smoke, I exercise, clean my room, make music and become more creative in general. 
I hear form people that ‘nowadays, the THC levels in marijuana is not what they used to be’ which is true… but this means we also smoke less to get the same effect. Upping the dosage of THC doesn’t change the structure of THC… it still does the same thing, only now, you can smoke less of it to get the same high. I mean, try ODing on marijuana. It’s not possible. You’ll just end up being a vegetable for the rest of the night if you smoke that much, and maybe with a headache in the morning if you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain and water in your system. 
My conclusion is, know what you’re getting yourself into and understand the science behind it. Science has to do with experimenting, and relating cause with effect. It’s about trial and error in order to achieve success and more knowledge. Whatever it is that you do, think about the underlying mechanisms that make it work, and what effects these have in the long-run. That way, we can create more understanding, and build on evidence that already exists, expanding human consciousness and our potential as individuals. Be the change you want to see in the world. 
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