What happened to inspiring people? Weed does the job :)

I really don’t need a professor in front of me to tell me how other people have done things. I can watch videos and read books, but thanks. I think what we’ve lost at the front of the class is for these educational leaders in front of the class (the professors) to lead and inspire their students. Then again, someone’s got to make the course and we can’t all be inspirational leaders… That’s why this shit has got to go online and start becoming crowd sourced. Leave it to the educational leaders of the world in their respective field to explain their expertise. There probably needs to be some management with how this is coordinated however…

Also, simple stuff that can be told in a video doesn’t need to be reitterated by a live person if more attention can be spent on other things like personally connecting with students by creating discussion and networking with each other so to speak. Create more of a group setting where discussion can take place. There is a lot to be learnt from each other.

Because this discussion environment is also not present at my school, I don’t feel obliged to go to lectures because of the standard atmosphere it creates. Lectures do not enhance my quality of life. I’d rather be inspired by watching a few TED videos at home, and then work on the tasks at hand.

I’ve been exploring different environments to study in actually. I’ve tried different places in school, and I also went to the Student Hotel the other day (on Oudzeedijk) to do some research. Cool place šŸ™‚ mostly I study at home because I can dress slack, and have access to food, my music instruments, my dumbells and pull up bar, my books and a whole bunch of other resources. It’s also amazingly quiet because we live in almost abandoned building. For 200euros a month incl. electricity and water (and trust me, thats a good deal in Holland).

[It’s funny as well. Holland. I’m actually correct when I said “in Holland” because I live in Zuid-Holland; the province. The Netherlands would be better as it would refer to the whole country and that’s true as well. I watched a video of this today. Anyway…]

I’m actually writing this blog after having smoked marijuana…

I’m very interested in creating a social movement which is about looking at marijuana in a different light by making it have a different social meaning. This would mean backing up marijuana logic with science.

I feel a lot more creative when I smoke weed. As a matter of fact, I’m working on creating an essay or something I can show to the public about what consequences marijuana will have on its legalization. I’m very pro legalization at the moment, and think a new present will be created in doing so. I hope to stay as scientific as possible about this and adhere to facts, also questioning methodology; questioning the control groups and the variables, and cross examining with other studies. But fuck meta-analysis bullshit. Seriously. You can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

(That was a quick rant about the steucture of how they do my Bachelor Thesis…)

Anyway, I’m sort of creating the ‘literature review’ part of my work so I’m doing a lot of reading and Googling. First broad, then more specific. I’m excited šŸ™‚

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