I need a coach, not a lecturer…

I don’t like getting lectured. When I even think about lecturing, I think about the parent who tells their kid what they did wrong and the kid subsequently continuing in the activities they did before… lecturing doesn’t work. Leading by example does. 

I was thinking about how to further develop my talents. When it comes to music, I’ve hit a plateau where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to teach myself things. I need someone to echo my sound. I need to hear what I need to hear in order to improve myself. I need a personal coach. 

It’s not just music either, but everything I do in life. A life coach is what I need, and its what I want to become as well. I realize that a life coach doesn’t need to be one person either, but can be a collection of people of different ages, genders, beliefs and any other factors you can think of. I need a community of coaches I can turn to for every aspect of my life I’m working on. Kind of like my personal expert village.

The reason I can’t turn to the actual Expert Village (on YouTube) is because I need personal feedback that is meant for me especially. I remember taking a singing class at school. It sort of taught me where to sing from, but my singing is still mediocre. I want to be better than that. I need someone to tell what to work on specifically so I can take the necessary steps to improve. The group setting in the singing class at school didn’t teach me much because you basically had to teach yourself by what was advice given to the group… or maybe I should’ve connected better with fellow students in order for me to partner up with someone who could’ve helped me. Fellow students make great coaches as well. 

I’m also soon done with university… I’m glad. Finally free to do my own thing, explore my own world. I’m going to start with travelling in Thailand: my motherland. I will learn the language, take a course in Buddhist meditation and also hope to do some Muay Thai. I also need to explore more of Asia… I haven’t really explored it by myself which is what I need to do to take the next step in my own personal development. Good times going to come 🙂 

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