Music, family and my inspiration

So recently, I’ve been obsessed with the band ‘Walk of the Earth’. (The band that did a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” with 5 people on 1 guitar. Yeah, them.) I can’t get enough of their sound! And I love the dynamics of the group as well. Gianni, Sarah, Marshall, Taylor (beard guy) and Joel all make the group into what it is (what would Walk of the Earth be without Beard Guy??) and I hope they keep doing what they do to keep me inspired and excited about what’s next for them 🙂 

I’ve been thinking about my own role in music as well… I recently had a friend come over to Rotterdam to visit. Mr.Duane White. Which was good 🙂 We caught up on some stuff we were both doing. He’s gotten quite involved with music, getting straight away pro with the music videos he’s been putting up on YouTube. He’s very business orientated when it comes to music, which is interesting. I’m looking forward to see how he’s going to move forward with his stuff. 

When it comes to myself, I like just messing around with instruments. When I play music, I’m usually just playing the normal stuff I’ve learnt over the years. It’s more of a hobby than a passion I think… I just like the feeling of playing music sometimes. It relaxes me. When I was in Byron Bay however, I realized that my musical abilities were nowhere near where all these hippies had it. Or at least my confidence wasn’t. I still jammed with them though, and slowly improved my confidence through playing with them. That was good. I wish I had more time there… but who knows. I could go back one day 🙂 

Music to me is also about keeping the spirit of my family alive. When I play the guitar, for example, I think about my sister. My style of playing is pretty much derived from listening to her play over the years and her tastes in music. It’s hard not to pay attention to Red Hot Chili Peppers playing through the doors of her room when you’re on the other side shooting Nazi-Germans with a Thompson sub-machine gun. Thank god she had decent taste in music as well… or maybe I just got brainwashed into thinking its good. Who knows. 

And that’s another thing as well… video games. That will always make me think of my dad. The amount of hours we spent shooting each other in Medal of Honor… we had some priceless times playing that game. I was playing the soundtrack of that game on my flute and it made me think of my dad the other day. I know that his spirit will be carried on through myself, because my expression is definitely rooted in the influence he had. 

And while we’re at it, lets not forget my mom. I think about my mom when I think about my chores actually. I remember how she always did everything for everyone, and she would soldier through the tough times. I must say, having me do more chores at home would’ve actually helped me a lot today in terms of realizing structure and discipline. Having someone else take care of responsibilities which I could’ve taken care of myself was not the best catalyst for independent growth… and I probably took advantage of it as well. Why wouldn’t I? I’ll remember my mom for always being there for me though, supporting me in all directions. Her being there with me for my first and second tattoo, and influencing the third is also reflective of that. 

When I was talking to Duane, I understood why he made music- it was because he was obsessed with it. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I don’t really have that as such. I just play what I hear every now and then. What I do feel a drive for, however, is entrepreneurship and creating something of value out of nothing. 

What I do feel strongly about is the legality of cannabis. Even in North Korea this plant is legal ( The USA is also taking a more liberal view towards marijuana usage now, being legal in 2 states today. I don’t really know what the hell we’re waiting for to get this ball rolling and create mass legalization… I’m actually going to work on an essay right now which studies why marijuana is illegal and what the implications of its legality are. This essay is assigned by myself because I want to understand the issue better. 

I eventually want to move on to something else that’s cool as well: long-distance skating and promoting the legality of Marijuana… or at least questioning its illegality. I’m imagining myself with my backpack full of marijuana skating the country, possibly wearing a morph-suit at times. That would be cool 🙂 I mean, who the hell does that?? That would be sick. 

But first things first! Education 🙂 

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