So here I am, finding myself studying for the exams, and as always, I’m contemplating the education system that I am in. At the moment I’m studying law… 

The reason I didn’t go to law lectures in the end is because the material I had to understand and memorize took me longer to grasp than just one lecture. Sometime she’d go over stuff and I’d be like “Whoah, slow down, repeat that” because I was day dreaming about something else, or had a moment of focus loss. In the end I’d be like “screw it, I’ll look at the slides later anyway”… but maybe it’s my job to start interacting more in class. I mean, the lecture is there for me. Maybe I should say ‘screw the rest of you guys, I’m gonna make her repeat every single sentence’… or maybe I should be finding the balance? Finding the balance is hard however, because everyone learns at their own pace- some are quick to grasp material, others need to sit down, contemplate and discuss before they understand concepts. The solution, in my opinion, would have to come from technology.

There are so many possibilities out there. I mean, even in the form of practice questions that can be done online, or interactive exercises that can be set up, or something. Or would that be too much of a time investment? I don’t know how it all works here… maybe big institutions like education systems are just too big and bulky to pick up on new technology and apply it. Maybe what needs to be done is that people can take courses made by independents who are regulated by a globalized standard of education, with some sort of 3rd party seal of approval like an ISO 9000 for education. What’s taking us so long to adapt? Are there not enough people taking initiative? Is everyone caught up in their own rat race? I know some big American universities have taken the lead in online education, and there are many forms of gamified education tools out there (Duolingo par example) so why isn’t learning made more natural and organic rather than stressful and systematic? There was this TED talk which talked about how exams are perceived as a threat by the brain, which in turn cause it to shut down some part of it, hampering the learning process. If we made learning more playful, and interest seeking orientated, we would be much more efficient learners and we’d actually be able to learn things without perceived threat of ‘failure’. 

The reason I’m still in this old-school learning system is because the system hasn’t caught up to technology. Technology is moving way too fast and it’s like firing at a moving target. What I perceive is that it is now up to the student to how education will look like. 

The students need to take more power and control of how they’re being taught…so in a way, it’s also my duty to rally my fellow students together to see how everyone would want to learn. What would the ideal learning environment be for my fellow student? And could we develop such a flexible system to meet everyone’s needs? 

Sure there exists such a thing as ‘Student Representation’ but its a very passive organization in my opinion. They wait for people to start complaining before shit starts to change. We need some entrepreneurs in there who can anticipate change and actually make some changes… (again, I see another job opening for myself.) Student representation needs to be able to communicate with the teaching staff in such a way that the course is able to morph to student needs, and be flexible in the way things are taught. That would be the ideal situation. A constant improvement throughout the course. A Kaizen approach to learning. 

I mean we’re a bloody business university… wouldn’t it make sense that we would actually apply some of the things we teach?? But maybe that’s the hard part about theoretical knowledge… it’s about applying it. I remember the teacher for ‘Leadership, Sustainability and Governance’  and especially the guy teaching us the ‘leadership’ aspect… no way in hell was that guy a leader. He might’ve had a lot of theoretical knowledge of it, but applying it is a whole different matter. 

The university is purely meant to be there for research purposes I realize now. It’s also run by those kind of people… but that doesn’t mean an entrepreneur can come in and stir things up a little. What I should probably start with is ‘interviewing’ people about how their ideal learning environment would look like. Start my own little research. That would be cool 🙂

Its time to stop writing and start taking action. This is my entrepreneurial development test. 

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