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What happened to inspiring people? Weed does the job :)

I really don’t need a professor in front of me to tell me how other people have done things. I can watch videos and read books, but thanks. I think what we’ve lost at the front of the class is … Continue reading

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I need a coach, not a lecturer…

I don’t like getting lectured. When I even think about lecturing, I think about the parent who tells their kid what they did wrong and the kid subsequently continuing in the activities they did before… lecturing doesn’t work. Leading by … Continue reading

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Music, family and my inspiration

So recently, I’ve been obsessed with the band ‘Walk of the Earth’. (The band that did a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” with 5 people on 1 guitar. Yeah, them.) I can’t get enough of their … Continue reading

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So here I am, finding myself studying for the exams, and as always, I’m contemplating the education system that I am in. At the moment I’m studying law…  The reason I didn’t go to law lectures in the end is … Continue reading

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Permaculture, my time in Australia, and the start of something awesome :)

I believe that when people start growing their own food in their homes, on the street and on every other available empty space, it will fundamentally change our world. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. It was one … Continue reading

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The reason I think our Bachelor Thesis is a load of bullshit and real projects I want to do

At the moment, me, Mario and Luigi have been working our asses off on the Bachelor Thesis. It’s a lot of frustrating, pain staking, boring work, but we just have to get through it. My question is: why make it … Continue reading

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