Melting the ice

Still working on imagining that there’s no ice… it works alright with people I vaguely know, but its harder with people I don’t know at all. I also think about the way I present myself a lot. My conclusion is that there’s no harm in asking someone to go for a coffee, and that it could be stimulating to talk to someone new over a cup of joe. I’m mostly talking about nice looking girls who are studying who might need a break after finishing taking notes 😉

“Practice smiling and saying ‘hello’ to every stranger you meet”

That’s definitely something I can work on. That would get me more comfortable with talking to new people.

Larry King talks about every conversation being an opportunity. It really was for him, because that’s all he ever wanted to do, and he became very good at what he does. You never know who you might meet, and what kind of stories people might tell you.

Luigi thinks its much simpler than that: “grow some balls”. And maybe that’s all it takes. Keep it simple stupid.

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