Breaking the ice, habits, and the Mario Brothers

So I broke the ice today. To some extent. I went to school because a) I had to sort out some school matters there which probably couldn’t be helped saving, but I did them anyway b) I had to test out that ice.

In school there’s a lot of random people you meet. Probably a conversation would spark somewhere yes? The only conversation I remember having at school was with the STAR party sales people. I even made them laugh a little. But that was it. On one side, it wasn’t a huge success because I didn’t talk to anyone else. On the otherside, that’s an infinite improvement from yesterday: I didn’t feel uncomfortable because I was prepared. I was prepared to talk to people because I initiated. Also, I had an easy conversation starter (which was the fact that they were selliing tickets to a party I’ve decided to go to- and meet even more random people). It’s sort of a chain reaction to events it seems.

What I realize is is that I haven’t met by far enough people yet. I spend a lot of time alone, studying, surfing the web, playing the occasional iPhone game, watching NBA replays, getting distracted by newsfeeds, getting distracted by things I can organize better, playing basketball for my fitness, and doing the occasional home workouts. If I really worked efficiently, I realized, I would have time for so much more.

I need to focus and put, as Stephen R. Covey said it: “First things First”. My number 1 way to gain independence is to complete my study. At least that’s how I see it. I need to finish my studies for financial reasons, and I need to finish it because it will help me become a more effective well rounded person. The truth is, I’ll never stop being a student. I will continue my education far beyond college. And that’s not to say I want to become an academic, I just want to grow more, and know more about the things around me and understanding the bricks that need to be put in place.

Through blogging, I am also able to keep a tab of myself. It allows me to analyze my day and my life more fully. It gives me a clearer sense of direction of where I want to go, and what I want to do. It sure beats a 150 character Twitter or Facebook update.

What I’ve gotten interested, however, is video. I’ve been keeping tabs of vlogs here and there, and I tried to some filming but typing is usually much more easy to edit, and takes less planning and structure. At least my blogs are not planned or structured in any real sense. I’m just creating, with the topic that’s burning most in my mind right now. And makes me go off at tangents a little sometimes.

Myhabit here is to spend more time blogging. Stephen R. Covey asks 2 questions in reference to his third habit to achieve private victory (independence):

  1. What one thing could you do (you aren’t doing now) that if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your personal life?
  2. What one thing in your business or professional life would bring similiar results?

My one thing could be blogging, and spending more time in the blog community. It’s better use of my time than most other forms of relaxation such as a movie, and could prove useful for me for reflective purposes and forces me to create material and follow through with something.

I’ve actually been keeping a private diary with 30 day challenges that I do in order to make sure I stick to them. But doing it alone can sometimes be difficult…

That’s why finding people in your same situation is what you gotta look for. I’m glad that I live with the guys that I do. In a way, I couldn’t have really imagined it any other way. We really synergize well, like pieces of a puzzle. Mario works out a lot, and is more disciplined than either me or Luigi. I sometimes feel he has trouble understanding some aspects but he will work harder than me, and that’s the difference. Luigi is a smart motherfucker. I have to swear on this. When we’re working on our Bachelor Thesis, this guy knows exactly what to do. Or at least it seems like it. He picks things up very fast when it comes to school, the only thing is, he’s lazy. Because he has so much time on his hands, he spends a lot of his time gaming, which is tying him down to do other things. And that’s where I come in. I feel like I’m in the middle between these guys, and its my job to bring the levels in the house closer together, so everyone’s on the same level. We’re all working towards a common goal so why not help each other achieve that goal with the highest success rate possible?

I’m currently sitting next to the couch writing this blog next to Luigi, and I started him with writing blogs once I had a wave of inspiration, probably induced by the weed I smoked earlier.

Weed does that to me. ‘Guru’. That’s where it comes from. My alter ego, fueled by inspiration and curiousity.

And that’s who’s partly writing right it now 😉

The note I want to end on is my habits.

If I can change my habits, I can change my destiny. I can become the man I desire to be. And other people can help me get there, especially if we work together. Work together (interdependently) to gain private victory (dependently). Paradoxical enough. To be indepent, you can be interdependent by acting independent. Anyhow. Synergy. Lets close it with that 🙂 How well will I synergize with the Mario brothers?

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