Writing blogs and personal development

So I figure I want to get more into blogging, and the blogging world. That would require me to probably do a lot more reading and commenting on the blogs out there… I need to see more how other people use their blogs.

The reason I blog is mostly for personal reflection purposes with a chance for other people to understand a little bit more about me. Feedback in terms of comments is always appreciated but I realise I don’t even comment on other people’s blog… When I think about it, I don’t comment on a lot of things. In real life or in the virtual world.

I was in the train today with a conductor who actually loved his job. And you felt that energy as he was able to project it onto other people. He engaged with the passengers really well, and this turned into a group discussion with the people sitting nearby. He even came to sit with us for a while just to talk about some things the person in front of me was curious about. To be honest, I was quite conservative in the conversation as I was kind of put in an uncomfortable situation. Why was I uncomfortable? Because I didn’t know how I could add value to the conversation. I asked a few questions here and there about the conductor since he also did some militairy service and wasn’t really the usual run of the mill conductor. I was very self conscious about my own behaviour though, and didn’t really know how to react in the situation, so I kept it quite passive and directed attention away from me by asking questions.

The fact that I was uncomfortable just told me that I need to do this more: I need to practice engaging with random people more actively. I am very conformist in the sense that I will behave like everyone else is behaving, and I think its good to sometimes move away from that. I need to get used to standing out and being the crazy person in the train… who might not be so crazy after all.

I see this as a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and grow. As an entrepreneur, I think its important for me to explore new directions such as this in my own personality. There’s a lot of interesting people out there with good stories. All you need to do is say something to break the ice. But what Steve Pavlina discovered, is that the ice doesn’t exist. It’s a human creation. Once we accept that there is no ice, the barrier breaks. The limiting belief dissapears.

I’m going to practice imagining that there is no ice tomorrow, see where that gets me. Off to sleep now, so good night y’all!

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2 Responses to Writing blogs and personal development

  1. It’s great that you’re so in tune to your personal development and can take note to some struggles you’d like to work on! It’s not an easy task to look within and pick out our own weaknesses–and then actually work to make them better. Inspirational!

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