30 day trial done and primal living

So that 30 day trial was short lived… the problem at school is that I don’t have access to decent food. I could be making my own food before I leave, but I don’t have a decent food container at the moment in which I can eat from. I have to prepare my 30 day trial before I take action on it. 

I’m still on my primal diet. It’s been over a year or something? This also makes it harder for me to simply eat a sandwich at the canteen, because I know that an excuse to slip back will turn into a habit. I still eat sugar and grains every now and then though in the form of dutch ‘stroopwafels’, or cookies. Ice cream is also one of my occasional indulgences, and I also let my diet slip every now and then when my roommates share a meal. Most of the time, however, I stick to ‘primal’ alternatives quite vigorously. 

Primal is not just a diet. It’s a way of life. In my view, it has to do a lot with listening to your own intuition and senses. Sometimes its good to only do the things you feel like. But I do notice that going primal is not an excuse to only do things because you feel like doing them. 

Sometimes I do things because they need to be done. I ignore my feelings towards a certain task and get on it without putting much thought to it because when you start to over-analyze  you find more excuses not to do something, or you find ways to distract yourself from the core task that needs to be done. I usually like to tackle core tasks the moment I wake up. 

At the moment I need to study for a statistics exam I have on Thursday and have done a lot of preparation for it already by doing a few exercises every morning for the past few weeks. I do them first thing in the morning because I won’t be able to get my mind through it at the end of the day. My morning’s are sometimes disturbed by things that are more urgent, and then my morning energy is gone and I find its harder to work on the tasks I set out to do that day. 

I am procrastinating at this moment because my morning energy was taken up by an ‘urgent’ task- I forgot I planned 2 research experiment sessions at school so had to do that first thing in the morning. When I came back, my willpower needed time to charge up again but is slowly getting good again. I’m just about to start studying some more for my exam. Which is what the end of this blog concludes 🙂 

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