Change of routine… and beginning a new 30 day trial.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m not happy about how lectures take place. I’m not happy about the amount of energy I put into having to leave my house, trying to listen 2 hours straight (or more if considering double lectures), and the teachers expecting us to absorb all the information that’s thrown at us. I don’t see the point of lectures if all the information I need to learn, practice and revise the material can be accessed from my computer. What do I need a lecturer for? I find that lectures throw me off my routine as it requires me to leave my home and spend time I could otherwise spend learning things independently. On the other-hand  it does give a good opportunity to meet my fellow students. It’s a gathering place of students really. Maybe I’ve been going about university in a wrong way…

What I should try to do is spend more time at school. To learn there. I mean there’s so many classrooms I can use to study. The problem is I need to take my books everywhere I go… if only these would be digitized… and I had an iPad or something… oh well. Gotta row with the oars I have and stick to old school books. I think if I spent my hours from 9 to 5 there, I’d be a whole lot more productive. Who knows.

It’s also got to do with laziness maybe. But I should do a 30 day trial of going to school 5 days a week, 9 to 5. See how that pays off. I don’t think I can possibly study for that long. But there’s enough distraction at school as is.

Whats been stopping me from doing that in the beginning was all the moving I had to do, and the flux of restarting my life in Rotterdam… But now, there really isn’t an excuse. Also, I feel that I want to join an organization to do something. Volunteer somewhere, or maybe work at the sportsbar or something. That could be cool. I really need to find my rhythm.

The thing is also my luggage that I take to school. I don’t like biking with so many bags. I wish I just had one bag where everything would fit into. I think I’m going to stop taking my laptop to school as well as its too big and heavy. I can just use the school’s computers anyway. Minimalism and resourcefulness is key. What to do about sports I don’t know… probably just take a sports bag with me everyday. I’m considering to start my routine tomorrow, and start my 30 day trial. Bring all the stuff that I need, and only study 1 subject.

…wow. After writing this, I had the energy to completely organize my packed bag. I’ve only got my sports bag now. I’m feeling really good, despite a little tired. I feel really energized though. Like I’ve suddenly got this drive behind me. It’s like I’m suddenly realizing the responsibility I have towards myself to get myself organized, above and beyond passing a test. You have to look beyond that. You have to look at the key drivers and internal systems which are making you fail/succeed. Change, and be the change you want to see in the world (a wise man once said). Start today 🙂

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