I wanted to write about creativity, and thinking out of the box. 

I recently talked to someone who is developing himself as a personal development coach, and especially focusing on getting people to think outside of their normal way of thinking. To get another perspective of what it is they do. I personally think that some drugs have a way to do this (I’m referring mostly to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and psilocybin), but I also think that the systematic education of people does not expose their creativity. 

The education system rewards following processes correctly, and not innovation or new ideas. I think this is a wrong approach to go about things. New ideas can come from any area of the organization. What we’re missing is tapping in on these ideas effectively. 

I’m not sure about other universities but my university seems to only offer minimal assistance for students who want to explore their creativity. It really is all about independent learning here. Nothing gets given. You have to work for it. And maybe that’s the lesson they try to teach you; to stand on your own two feet and not rely on others. I think it really comes from the individualistic culture that is present in Holland. 

In Rotterdam they also have a saying that ‘you get born with rolled up sleeves’ meaning you have to work from the day you’re born. This city really is all about living to work, rather than working to live. 

Exploring creativity is not part of the education system it seems. That’s something that can be offered outside of the public education system though, and in the private education sector. The government doesn’t reward creativity (look at the non-subsidized art schools) but I think it’s important for all of us to pursue arts on a private level. If we follow what the government wants us to do, this world will go to shit. We need to make our own markets work, and rely less on governmental incentives (such as credits for education) to get us to learn things which are not necessarily in our best interest in terms of expressing our lives and living. If we can make a living using our creativity, that is the most beautiful thing I can think of. That is something special. That is something that will contribute to the value of this world. 

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