CV slaves

I had to write about this because I was reminded how enslaved people are to making their CV look good. It all started with someone mentioning about how doing a 4th year in IBA ‘would look bad on your CV’…

I was taken aback by this statement; is that what we live for? ‘To make our CV look good?’ So what if I took an extra year? Would that make me less appealing to be hired? I probably wouldn’t want to work in a place so up tight that they’d care about me doing a 4th year. I mean come on! You’re a student. Enjoy that time a little. Take that extra year if you need it is what I’d say if I was hiring someone. I think people forget to think about why they’re alive sometimes. They get too wrapped up in following the herd that they never stop to wonder where they’re actually going.
I also get sick of people doing things because ‘it’ll look good on their CV’. I remember in my international school in Thailand, we would go visit orphanages and help out, or we’d take active roles in the school environment through ‘the student guild’ or we’d participate in music, sports, drama, debating and much more, not because we cared about it looking good on our CV, but because we genuinely wanted to. What happened to doing things because we enjoyed doing them?
I believe that if we become the type of person that lives the words they speak, and lives out of a place of truth, love and the strength to follow through, we will naturally attract positive things in our life and live a life that’s more fulfilling. Escape the ‘mind shaped manacles’ and set yourself free. Live a life worth living. Start today 🙂
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