2013: Entering the New Year’s update

About my writing…

So I’ve been noticing that I’ve been avoiding my blog for a while. It got me thinking about the quality of my blog- is it something I would recommend for others to read? To me, its mostly just an experimental place I to write words on for an audience. It’s also a way for keeping my family and friends updated on what I’m doing, although recently, I’ve mostly been using Whatsapp and Facebook for that. It’s also a place I can look back on to see how my thinking has changed, but I use a variety of tools to do self reflection.

I mostly write things for myself on notes on my iPhone or on a journal I keep with me. I’ve recently been starting to use Evernote a lot more. Evernote is a free note taking application which allows you to make journals about different things and keep notes within those journals. It’s been really helpful in organizing my writing and highly recommend it to everyone, especially since its free.

What I’ve been doing recently is actually working on my poetry/lyrics/stories and other creative writing. Me, Duane and Ramsey were actually thinking of starting a music group called DAFUQ because of our shared love for music, and our ability to make this happen. Duane has already been active in the music scene for a while, doing a lot of stuff which is sounding really pro. I’m hoping I can learn from it, add to it and that we can create a synergy with the three of us. I think we’ve all got some good creativity going around, so we’ll see where it takes us. Other than that, I hope to do more with my writing and see if I can do something useful with it.

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