My top 10 favorite brands

Since I’m doing a lot of studying about branding, and the importance of it, I’m going to make a list of my top 10 favorite brands. They are:

  1. Vibram– I like what they do, I like what they stand for. Great shoes, great lifestyle.
  2. Loaded Boards– I like what they do, and how they do it no matter what all the other bullshitters are out there saying. Quality material, and aesthetically pleasing design.
  3. Subsonic– another longboard/skateboard brand. I like their designs, and the way you can customize your orders. Quality shit, and probably my next long-distance board will be from them (GT 40 foam core? Hell yes!)
  4. Simple Longboards– the Luutse made longboard brand. Appeals to my minimalist nature, and the Platypus seems like an awesome dancer designed by an awesome dancer!
  5. Soma boards– another dutch board building company. I like their dancer as well, and the shit I’ve seen pulled on them by their riders.
  6. Vans– I like their shoes, although I’m very flexible in switching to other skater brands as well. Although I did buy Nike skate shoes once though and was NOT happy with them.
  7. Billabong– I like their boardshorts. The only boarshorts I wear are Billabongs come to think of it. My pair are really old… I think over 5 years 😐 and yes, I still fit them.
  8. Decathlon– Awesome store. It’s not so much the brand I care about, but the value they offer within their store. Their associated brands are great material for great prices (e.g. Quechua, Kipster).
  9. Red Bull– mostly because of the crazy shit events they have, and things they do. Don’t really care much for the drink.
  10. Apple– is last on my list because it seems like they would appeal to my nature, but I have no idea since I don’t own a Mac. I’m very happy with my i-phone however and the way its designed, but I’ve never tried a Samsung Galaxy either, so I couldn’t honestly say. I’m planning on getting a Macbook Air though because its light and speedy, which is exactly what I need. Lets see if I like the Mac OS and if this will be a good investment…
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