Building a business…

So I’m constantly thinking about how I’m going to build a business since that’s what my life goal is. I just need to get this out of my head so I stop day dreaming about it.

When I get back to Holland, I’m thinking about getting a part-time job in the hospitality industry. I’m mostly thinking about a hostel right now, and one particular one in Rotterdam called ROOM. Or maybe they wouldn’t be interested in part-timers. I don’t know. I’m not even sure if I’d have time for a job, considering I’m doing an extra 2 subjects that trimester I’m back. I don’t know. Not sure what the smartest move is here. I figure that when I graduate, I’ll have all the time I need to gather experience, and I’m sure if I’m persistent enough, I’ll get my foot in the door of any business. Besides, I still need to wait and see what my parents are doing with their lives because I would really like to start a family business. I’d rather be a slave to my family than a slave to some stranger. Ideally, however, I want to be a slave to a cause.

I was thinking of developing a business as well which involved my whole primal lifestyle and interest in homesteading. I was thinking of learning how permaculture is done, and implementing homesteading systems into people’s homes as a service. I could go as far as implementing permaculture areas for communities and get government subsidy for that. It’s a win-win situation if people started to grow their own food in my opinion. I first need to educate myself more about permaculture for this to work, so maybe when I come back and go to Sydney I could find out more about these types of places and go visit. Or maybe I should just contact students in Wageningen who can tell me about the possibilities of urban farming. They should know.

Growing plants is something I want to deepen myself into so this is my next step I want to take.

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4 Responses to Building a business…

  1. aorukhu says:

    Growing plants is a wonderful thing.

    permaculture in Melbourne, if you’re interested and have time:

  2. iemke postma says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the link 🙂

  3. joukep says:

    “I’d rather be a slave to my family than a slave to some stranger.” LOL.

    We´ll get something going. Plenty of farmland in Thailand where we have access to + our own house. It´ll be good to have your energy!

    • iemke postma says:

      Haha awesome 😛 Yeh, I was thinking of going back to Thailand eventually. Especially because I want to learn Thai properly so probably live there for at least a year (and try and start a business?). But yes! Should be good 🙂

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