Army style disciplined training

So today I woke up at 5:55 and had 20mins to get ready and skate to the other side of the river where I was going to join a workout group, focusing on ‘bootcamp’ style training. That was really cool. They put people in 3 separate classes. 1 for good, little assistance needed, 2 for more help needed, 3 for a lot of help needed. I was in group 1. The trainer guy is also really cool. He really is like a drill sergeant, and he’ll dish whatever you need to get dished to straight. You tell him you can’t, he’ll tell you you can. I naturally started calling him ‘sir’ whenever I addressed him because he has that certain character about him. 

I love that soldier mentality and efficiency. ‘Yes sir, I’ll get the job done in no time sir’. To be honest, I’ve always had a fascination for Special Forces, or Counter Terrorist groups which might’ve all started with playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six on the Playstation 1. Before I left to Australia, I also watched an endless amount of special forces training videos to inspire me in the things I do. These guys go through hell, and are definitely some of the toughest people on this planet and I respect that. The discipline, determination and strength you need are all qualities I like to develop in myself, which is why I see myself as a warrior too. 

My dad has always been like to me ‘You don’t want to join the army. You don’t want to take orders from somebody else to do things you might not agree with.’ which is probably true, and why I never realistically considered joining, although I have contemplated it. My way to still train that discipline, determination and strength is to become a spiritual warrior- to fight battles with the biggest obstacle in my life: myself.

Pushing your body to its limit is a test of your mind as well. Its a test of character. It tells the world about who you are, and what you think about yourself. What you think yourself to be is what you project as a person. Your physicality is not just something about your body- its about your attitude. Pushing yourself mentally is sometimes harder, at least for me it can be. Take studying for example. Setting time aside in your head to go through a chapter takes discipline to some extent. At least for me. I’m just pushing myself to do what needs to be done, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And its called New Zealand 😉 and a new tattoo. 

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