Reading my first blog ever written and reflections

For some reason, I found myself thinking yesterday about my old blog. I think it started with the uniqueness of my name, and that if you Googled it, you’d get all the different websites I’m active on pretty much. So I started to think about the first blog I ever wrote which was in Thailand using a Xanga account…

It’s really interesting to read about how my life was back then. It pretty much consisted of school, sports, music and a lot of chilling. I looked at the grades that I posted I got and they were fucking outstanding. Highest grade in Music, 3rd highest grade in English, highest grade in sport science… and ironically, the subject I scored crappiest on was business. But my portfolio basically consisted of As and A*s. With regards to sport, this is also when I started training more serious with the things I was doing, mostly because of sport science I think. Music as well, as I did stage performance numerous times with guitar and saxophone (not at the same time) and also played in the trench for a musical. I went to FOBISSEA (international sports competition) and scored a few medals there, I went on the International Award expedition and journey through that, I was form representative and a pillar leader for the Round Square IDEALS… the shit I did at Regent’s was quite crazy when I come to think about it, and that last year was a perfect closing to the way I’ll remember that chapter in Thailand.

What I also notice about my blog, is the way I write. My blog was pretty much directed to my family back in Holland… although it was mostly my sister who read it and commented. I basically talked about the everyday things in my life then, which is actually interesting to read about from the standpoint of 5 years later. I still write a lot actually. I just don’t post everything up for the whole world to see.

Writing is my therapy. Writing is my release. It’s what I love to do, and I’ll keep doing it. I’ll keep writing about all the ideas that are swimming in my head. Event though my writing comes in waves of inspiration not always related, I’ll write on, and I’ll write the truth.

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