Practical insights

So what I realized that if I wanted to create traffic around my blog, I’d have to give people some practical insights that actually help them in a big way. I could make it focused around a certain aspects so people will know what to expect when they come visit my blog. Or just have a certain blog catered to that aspect. At the moment I don’t really separate my personal blog for blogs that could create business for me, because I don’t really have a business yet. It’s a working progress.

If I wanted to create a business purely around blogging however, I’d have to think about ways that can generate value for people first of value. What’s my value proposition? I think I could use aspects of my personality with my value proposition… Music maybe? A (semi)-primal lifestyle? School stuff? Travelling? Getting organized? Personal Development?

I’d first have to work around my product before I start campaigning it all over Facebook and YouTube I think. Product. The first ‘P’ of my ‘4P strategy’.

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3 Responses to Practical insights

  1. iemke postma says:

    I think that marketing myself as a life-coach could open up many new interesting opportunities… more on that later.

  2. aorukhu says:

    (In my opinion)
    It’s true that if you want people to visit your blog, you have to teach (or at least offer) them something they don’t already have/know. Which sounds really obvious, but it makes the difference between talking about a really yummy sandwich and what gives certain cities unique cafe culture, or why French cafes are superior, etc.
    –and it doesn’t necessarily need to be expository; open-ended ponderings can be just as insightful and intriguing.

    The blog doesn’t have to be a single category, and people don’t reeally need to expect exactly what they’re going to get. It could be Iemke-centric and automatically include personal development, longboarding. primal life, etc, just as it is now. People who are drawn to certain categories could just as well find and learn things from other posts, and depending on what it is your product is, giving your blog a wider frame might not be a bad thing.

    I’m not a good example of best practice, since my blog is admittedly just an efficient way to show people that I’m alive and well in Australia and post pretty pictures of New Zealand, but I’ve been thinking about what makes a good personal blog and am considering starting a more serious one after this semester. Or maybe I’ll just keep this one and see how it changes. 🙂

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