Yoga, hospitality, and the purpose of my life

Recently, I’ve been really interested in Yoga for some reason.

I picked up this book on the shelf sitting in our shared house about Yoga, and just started reading. It was actually quite insightful for me in terms of learning about principles in life. One of those principles was about truth.

Even though the whole world is changing around you, it being described as reality being in a constant state of flux, there’s something inside us that never changes. Observe these ‘somethings’ and you’ll have a deeper understanding of the truth of existence, the truth of what we are. This is a form of meditation.

I sense that people nowadays are inquiring into these kind of questions a lot more, and that they’ve begun a search for health and well-being.

If I would consider myself an entrepreneur, this is something that I would like to venture into: health, well-being and lifestyle. This is why hospitality is something that really appeals to me as it allows me to service people these kind of things, but at the same time creates an environment for myself in which I’m able to pick the fruits of my own creation. Ideally, I would be able to start resorts all over the world, which will allow me to travel to these different ‘oases’ I create for myself and others.

My whole life is basically catered towards this end goal because I know what hospitality is, thanks to my parents.

My mom, since I was born, has always been amazing at managing the household in every detail. She probably did more than she should’ve in terms of household chores because looking back, if I was the parent, I would’ve definitely made a list for things to do in the house to be delegated. Either way, I lived in a castle as a kid thanks to my mom’s effort in the house. Something to do with Thai hospitality maybe. I know this for a fact when comparing me going to a friend’s house, or even having family come along and eat dinner at the Postma residence. The service they got there was phenomenal compared to what their mom’s would do for them (no offense to other mom’s out there). This level of hospitality has always stuck with me.

My dad has always pushed the family to travel a lot, hence our moving to Thailand; purely because he had the opportunity to live anywhere in the world (due to the nature of his business only requiring an internet connection for him to work), he chose for the family to move to Thailand, for reasons connected to a better quality of life due to being able to afford a relatively higher standard of living with a European income. And he was tired of the Dutch climate. Because of my dad as well, we traveled to a lot of different places where I got to experience different levels of hospitality, and different cultures in which I learned from. The travel bug was incited into me from a very early age.

The combination of my parents resulted in me wanting to create that level of homeliness and comfort that my mom was able to create, in different places of the world, that my dad has instigated to explore. A resort chain is therefore the most prominent answer to where my life has been heading towards so far.

It’s not just my parents’ influence either. It’s every other influence I’ve had as well that makes it logical for me to follow this path. This blog probably needs a few chapters more, but I’ll finish writing about that some other time 😉

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2 Responses to Yoga, hospitality, and the purpose of my life

  1. joukep says:

    What would be the best place to start? A question I ask myself almost every day.

    • iemke postma says:

      Well, for me, that depends on where everyone else is at the time of graduation. I’m actually thinking Thailand, because I want to be there anyway to learn Thai. And if mom also gets the Varuna job, that’d be a perfect place to build out of. And Eline will be next door in Bali, working on coral growth accelerators 😉 so yeah!

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