Oz: valuing every second

It’s been a month since my last post. Wow. Time is flying, and its making me more and more aware of how I spend it. I really like the things I’ve been doing lately, having joined a variety of sports, working on my studies and exploiting other once off opportunities. Life is sweet at the moment, and I can only see it get better.

The things I want to work on is my athletic ability, my knowledge in business, and the habits which support that. I’m really liking the whole paleolithic movement I’ve been going on for the past year, and I try to use these principals in everyday living. For example, I’ve recently bought Vibrams which I wear when I get the chance to. They’re so awesome 😀 I like them almost as much as I like longboarding.

I’ve also been doing a lot of swimming lately (since the pool comes with sports membership), and staying active with other workouts such as random runs, shaolin kung fu, break dance sessions, the juggling club where they also have poi, and other things I might’ve forgot to mention. My loosely knit primal diet is also part of staying fit, and keeping my health where I want it to be.

With regards to my studies, I feel that I’m getting the opportunity to learn 3 subjects in depth and the opportunity to experiment with different ideas such as business concepts in my marketing courses and things that work best for me regarding study habits. I’ve been keeping up to date with everything so far, and really making an effort to learn how to learn better. I keep these folders for each of my trimesters on my laptop, and its funny to see how I’ve become more structured compared to my previous trimesters.

Regarding work, I’ve recently had an interview for a possible position at a hostel called Nomads, which is a chain around Oz and NZ but is also expanding into Asia. I’ll get a call back on Wednesday or Thursday if all goes well… crossing my fingers. I really want to learn more about the hospitality industry, and I think that starting with backpacker hostels is the way to go because of the type of people that go there- cool travelers, at least that’s my perception. Learning about this would also set me up for being able to have an idea about starting my own resort if I ever want to go in that direction… which I’m definitely considering as one of my long term goals at the moment.

That’s all I’m going to update for now. I’ve been enjoying myself too much to write it all down 😛 every second I’m valuing, and I hope to keep doing that 🙂

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