Studying and Travelling

School is starting next week! I’m excited 😀 The subjects I’ve chosen are Internet MarketingEntrepreneurial MarketingTravel Writing and Post-colonialism and Sustainability in Developing CommunitiesThey all seem like pretty cool subjects to me. It’s cool that you can pretty much create your own subject package here and take subjects outside your faculty too.

Another plus is, is that so far I’ve only got classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. I still need to sign up for 2 more workshops when they become available, but it’s looking pretty cool with those days so far 🙂 I’m guessing it’s going to be a lot of self studying anyway, especially for Travel Writing and Post-colonialism; I’m going to have to be reading about 1 book per week. That’s crazy. But that’s what I’m here for. To expand my knowledge, in broadness and in depth.

I’m glad I took another opportunity to study more because I want to work on streamlining my habits, and finding more effective ways to learn.

Financially, I should be able to support myself on my government finance and whatever I can get from my parents. I probably won’t be going out that much as I want to save my money for travelling during the breaks and doing cool stuff like jumping out of planes.

I hope to be able to travel to New Zealand, maybe after the exams in November so that its slightly warmer, with longer daylight, so I’ll be able to do some distance skating. It’d be sick to skate through the landscapes of NZ anyway. I also have a mid-semester break from 17-30 September so I want to use that time to travel somewhere too. Maybe Tasmania. Or do an East-coast trip. Or go to the outback somewhere. I’m very much open to suggestion for this time.

There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, so I have to be efficient with it. “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

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5 Responses to Studying and Travelling

  1. Jouke says:

    I want to know everything about Internet marketing. I am going toi squeeze your brains when you get back. I heard from mom you want to travel to Thailand so we can meet for Christmas. Are you able to change your flight back to Korea? Anyway, I am in a 100 projects myself at the moment and no time for blogging. I’ll soon write and provide you with an update. Cheers man! Love you.

    • iemke postma says:

      😛 I’ll learn as much while I can here. My study habits are actually getting better I must say. I feel more organized than before for some reason. If I have the chance to go to Thailand, that would be cool. On the other hand, I might as well enjoy my time in Australia and surroundings while I can, and save up money to do fun stuff here 😉 I actually applied for a job as an extra for movies/series which could be interesting, and gets me to score some extra bucks as well! Hope to see you soon 🙂 Much love from Oz.

  2. thestudentachievementprogram says:

    Thise courses sound good; what’s on the reading list?

    • iemke postma says:

      Lady Mary Worltey Montagu, Turkish Embassy Letters; J Swift, Gullivers Travels; Mary Kingsley, Travels in West Africa; Bruce Chatwin, Songlines; Conrad, Heart of Darkness; J.M. Coetzee, Disgrace; Kipling, Plain Tales from the Hills; Stevenson, South Sea Tales; Emecheta, The Joys of Motherhood; Rushdie, East/West. Copied and pasted from my course manual 😉

    • iemke postma says:

      Oh, and a few other articles for the marketing courses. Quite interesting as well…

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