Melbourne: The new house and my investment of time

Moving into my new accommodation was definitely a challenge in itself. I had my travel backpack, my school backpack and my laptop bag which I put on. I then skated with all that from one end of the city to the other. Melbourne has a lot of streets that go up and down, so that definitely broke up a sweat.

Arriving at my new home, I found this new sense of relaxation. I could dump my stuff in the room I was going to be staying at for long and didn’t feel I had to worry about anything. The house is a very relaxed place to stay: 14 people with a mix of males and females from all kinds of nationalities. Most people that are here are on working holiday visa and they’re pretty well traveled so that’s fun. Most of the time, everyone’s just doing their own thing but we also sometimes eat meals together, watch movies together, go to the market together etc. It’s pretty ‘gezellig’.

Since I got here, I also have to think what I want to do outside of my study. Travelling is definitely one thing, which I hope to do plenty of, but also things like sports, music, theatre, dance, all of it.

The school has a pretty awesome gym which costs a bit, but I think its worth it with all the things you can do there. They have a pool you can use with gym membership as well so maybe I’ll even go swimming every now and then. I’m actually interested in taking a kettle-bell course in order to learn the basics, but also because in a group, you tend to push yourself harder than when you’re alone. During my intro week (which I’ll get to in a later blog) I also learned the rules and practiced some techniques of AFL or “Aussie rules” football. It seems like a really cool sport and if I could, I’d definitely want to play a few games. Basketball is another thing I want to play and I’ve met quite a few people who play that. Mostly, I just want to stay fit and improve my strength, cardio and VO2 max for ultraskating when I make a world record attempt. I probably want to do that in Holland because I don’t want to spend the time setting up  a network of longdistance skaters here. And there’s no way I’m going to break a record without a team.

In terms of music, I’m not going to leave this country without taking a course in “How to play the didgeridoo”. I’ve actually learnt quite a bit of piano as well during my intro week, by learning how major and minor chords are constructed. (Thanks April ;)) If I find any music group, that’d be cool too.

Theatre and dance are really just an extra. Theatre would be cool to join because its all English speaking here and definitely an idea to use that to my advantage. Dance would be nice to join but I’d have to find a good dance partner… 🙂

I’ve also bought some new books on Philosophy and Business with the idea of me to get into reading more. I don’t know how much studying I’ll have to do for my course, but since I’ve got holidays now, I want to keep my reading up.

I’ve also applied for work at a Thai restaurant which I still need to get a response from. I think I’ll follow up today.

It seems like I’ve got a lot of things planned. We’ll see how many things I’ll actually end up doing 😉

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