Pre-departure to Australia

So I haven’t blogged in a while. But since, I’m going to Australia, I want to keep a journal of some sorts of what I’m going through for both myself and people that care. I should probably start by elaborating about the who, what, why, when, and where about this… so here it is.

For my study in International Business Administration, I had the choice to go on an exchange, do an internship or take a minor in my third year. My first choice was an exchange to the University of Melbourne in Australia, but the outcome of if I would actually be going was highly uncertain due to a selection procedure. My grades were exactly the requirements they asked for, but a higher grade would obviously have a better chance. After my interview, I felt highly uncertain about if my grades were strong enough because that was a weak point the interviewee stressed on a lot. I had to go to school to confirm my exchange outcome… and yes! Australia it was!!! I called my parents straight away to let them know, and began preparation for my departure.

A few months later, and here I am, being even more buzzed about going because its getting closer, and closer. Hopefully my visa will get sorted in time… I had some problems with insurance requirements they asked for, but that’s being processed at the moment- it should be ok.

I want to get as much as possible out of the Australia experience as I can, and do all the things that need to be done. This includes playing the didgeridoo, taking an east coast surf trip, getting a tattoo for my 21st birthday reminiscent of Australia, and all the other cool things I can do. Recently, I’ve also been getting into basketball again, and hope to be able to train there to get good enough for the school’s first team when I come back. An old friend of mine from Regent’s is studying at the uni there, and he’s got a knack for basketball too so that should be sweet as jellybeans.

Longboarding is also something I want to be doing, and I’d like to get a new board there to also act as transportation through the city and to uni. I was thinking about something like the Landyachtz Pocket Knife which would be a cool new board to my collection as well. I haven’t been skating much recently, but thats mostly because of my injury attained during MMA and also because of shitty Dutch weather which I don’t like to skate in. Probably also my reason for switching my focus over to basketball because I can play indoor basketball at my school gym pretty much anytime for free.

Before this, I was also pretty psyched up about doing acting in Australia. Now that I’ve taken a few classes of acting here, I’m wondering what I’ll be able to achieve there in such a short time. What I wanted to actually start doing is use my voice a lot more, which is why I’m also taking singing classes at school. Most recently, I came up with the idea of creating my own podcast and revolving something around that. Maybe some kind of talk show with guest speakers, aimed at personal development or any of the other things I like to blog about. I just figured that since Australia is all English speaking, and I want to use my English speaking voice, I might be able to breakthrough with something there. I think the best thing I can do is practice using it right now before I even get there. I was also thinking of keeping a vlog (video log) during my stay in Australia instead of writing about it… or maybe I’ll do both. I want to do more vlogs to get more comfortable speaking and acting behind a camera. It is slightly out of my comfort zone, so that’s a good thing to work on. Hopefully I’ll post one up soon!

That’s it for now about that! Keep you all posted 😉

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