Preparation for talk with government people about education

From a financial point of view, there are other ways to get people educated, without having to spend thousands on tuition. Through the advent of internet, we are able to reach people on a global scale with the same information. There are numerous courses which provide educational resources for free or a small fee, and I find that there are more efficient ways to educate the general public than in the old fashioned systems still in use today.

I’m personally very critical of the lecture as a teaching tool, and find that most of the information is simply being regurgitated from sources we could be able to tap into ourselves. Instead of teaching the same lecture for 5 years in a row, why not put 1 year of effort into making a professional education tool in the form of interactive videos, and exercises that can be practiced? I think professors should be here to facilitate our learning process, and be able to lead discussions which are productive towards the outcome of the course, and not simply repeat what has already been said.

I don’t think we should stop internationals from being able to benefit from higher education in the Netherlands. If anything, we should stimulate it in order to improve cooperation and internationalization. The selection process that takes place, especially for IBA, ensures that it attracts high quality students, and I believe that these students are what makes the program great. I believe it is a ‘necessary evil’ to subsidize these students in being able to study here in order to create the value that an international study gives.

I want to be in an international study because I believe that meeting a diverse range of people is critical for one’s personal development. Learning how to adapt to someone who’s culture is radically different than your own is a skill that needs to be refined ever more than before because of the way our world is becoming more and more globalized; it’s simply not good enough to stick to your own kind. In order to create synergistic solutions, we have to be able to come together and understand each other’s differences. We do, after all, all live on one planet.

I have considered a Dutch program in engineering, but seeing that my future will more likely make use of business and entrepreneurial skills, I decided to opt for the IBA program. Also, the fact that the course was in English was more appealing to me since I have been following an international education since the age of 9.

I think the program is of high quality because of the challenges you face as a student, and also the environment in which you learn. I believe an international environment is a great opportunity for meeting people radically different than yourself. I believe that the university experience is more than just exams and grades, as a large part of it is your social development with the people around you. Since the IBA course tends to also attract like-minded people, there is a greater possibility of achieving greater things than you can do alone.

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