Concluding polyphasic sleeping

After doing more research and determining that is not really feasible to experiment with polyphasic sleeping during the run up to my driving exam, I have decided to stop polyphasic sleeping.

What I learnt from trying polyphasic sleeping is to pay closer attention to my energy levels, and run with that more. What I did take away is that I am now more prone to taking naps if I feel I need a boost in energy levels in the afternoon. Since I’m also trying to live as primal as possible, waking up to an alarm is not very natural. Instead of making sleep mechanical, I’m choosing to make it more organic because I think my body knows better when its had enough sleep than I do consciously. I’m going to try to get up before my alarm tomorrow so see how that works out.

Since its holidays, I’ve also been sleeping a lot more than usual. Maybe to make up for lost time? I don’t know. I feel that I need to keep myself busy with projects in order to drive my energy levels up as well though. Lately I’ve been enjoying doing nothing for a while, which is a nice temporary change. At the moment, I’ve got a few things in mind relating to sport, skill development and business and this will hopefully that’ll keep me fueled for a while. We’ll see what I have to say about that next time I blog, and see how my energy levels are.

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