Day 2 for polyphasic sleeping and living primal

I seem to be adopting a very unstructured and undisciplined style of polyphasic sleeping. This is good because its flexible, and I can basically sleep whenever I feel like it. This makes it very adaptable to my social world, because I can still join people in their happenings, only I’m in and out of consciousness more than other people throughout a day. For example, during social happenings (like the awesome party I went to yesterday :P) I excuse myself from the rest just to meditate because I feel my body needs to recover some energy. I haven’t, however, recorded how long I’m out of consciousness for in a 24 hour period.

I must say that, although I slept on a hard wooden floor that night, I woke up ready to go, and that’s what I’m looking for. My sleep pattern was kind of weird yesterday and consisted of meditating in random places, taking a nap at home and on the train, and a longer sleep period during the night.

I think if I start with taking 20 minute power naps every 4 hours or more, I will slowly be able to cut down on my longest sleep period and achieve my goal of high energy levels with the smallest amount of total sleep time within a 24 hour period. This is how I’ll develop my polyphasic sleeping.

I also need to keep my training in mind, and want to do martial arts to train my discipline and focus- longboarding is going to be put on hold a lot more now that winter is about to hit. My training is also undisciplined, as I basically work out randomly, going with feeling rather than a schedule. This is quite primal as well and it seems to work out as I have noticed a change in my strength: I’m able to do more pull ups because my mind can seemingly push my body further; although I’m training my body, it seems I’m training my mind through it.

On top of the pull ups, I also randomly practice handstands and basic kicks, and have been thinking about taking up capoeira a lot lately because it fits my flow, and I like the Brazilian culture, music and overall vibe.

Living primal has so far been very enjoyable, and a thought opening experience in the sense that its basic principles are a good starting point to understand ourselves as a species, and in the way it stimulates the exploration of one’s intuition and nature. Primal philosophy is a good philosophy to understand, and if you’re reading this, look into it- it might open up your mind.

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