Morning and Evening Routines, and Specializing in Enterprise

I’ve been successful with building up a morning routine so far. I constantly been able to wake up at 6:00am, do my workout, shower, eat breakfast and am usually done with all this before 7:00am. I still have to work out how I should manage my time after this, because I tend to check Facebook, email and study channels but that’s where all the structure of my routine goes out the window. After all that web surfing, I quickly pack my bag, and leave for school. This sort of kills the point of waking up this early as well. I want to focus on getting a chill but effective start to the day.

To prevent myself from mindlessly surfing the web, I was thinking of browsing and studying simultaneously because I can’t seem to pull myself away from a laptop in the morning as there’s always something I need to check, or have my mind on. If I prepare my study material beforehand so I can start right away, I can get focused quicker therefore be less inclined to surf for ages. I noticed that today, I combined browsing and studying quite effectively, taking breaks from my studying by surfing the web. There’s no need to completely go cold turkey on this habit, but rather complement it with something productive.

So I’ve thought about this, and my morning routine is now clear:

  • Wake up 6:00am
  • Shaolin Workout
  • Shower
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Pack bag for the day
  • Brush teeth
  • Study and browse simultaneously

At this point, I’m ready to leave if I need to, and I’ve started the day off quite productively.

I still have issues creating an evening routine, because my evening always looks different. I think its best for me to stick to a morning routine for now, and let the evening be determined organically. This makes sense to me as well because I will usually go to bed when I’m tired, and not really at a set time. This also allows me to use my creativity more since I’m not bounded by any frames, as I will usually be riding my waves of inspiration at this point in time. Also, evenings are my relaxation periods because I want my mind to chill out before getting into sleep mode.

I would, however, like to workout more than I do because I want to upgrade my body to athlete status in order to compete in longboard events (especially the May ultraskate which is what I’m training towards). I have to find a way to make that work.

I would also like to include something which I can profit from later like having times to develop my business, or to write a book, but my mind is not yet focused on a path. I’ve been really thinking about my future recently and in which direction I want to head. Entrepreneurship is still up there, but how I’m going to get there is another story…

I was actually looking today at more possibilities. I was looking specifically at what I could do within a hotel (because of my connections with this industry) which would complement anything I wanted to achieve in the long-run. I was looking at Marketing, HRM and Accounting as options for me within a hotel. Marketing spoke to me the most because of its closeness towards aiding entrepreneurship. However, if I could be involved in helping to setup a project somewhere, that would be closer to what I want to do in the future.

I want to be a serial entrepreneur like Richard Branson or a social entrepreneur like Bunker Roy (look him up on TED). For me its all about the projects I can establish because to me, each project is an outlet for my creativity, action and service. (Yes, the principles they have in the International Baccalaureate also apply here.) If I can help with a new enterprise project somewhere using my talents, I will be more than willing to help out. Lets hope I find one.


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2 Responses to Morning and Evening Routines, and Specializing in Enterprise

  1. joukep says:

    Richard Branson, he is definitely someone to admire. Coming Friday I have a meeting at Golden Tulip. I could raise the question regarding an apprenticeship.

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