Internship ideas

At the moment, I’m brainstorming about what would be best for me as an internship. There’s a lot of different things I could do, and a lot of different ideas I have. My options at the moment are as follows…

Selling confectionary goods in Thailand:

My dad had the idea of selling a certain confectionary good in Thailand which could become a big hit if we market it right. The idea for my internship here is that I establish the foundations of this business, and continue the construction after I finish my study.

I think we could get somewhere with this, however, there is still more research that needs to be done in order for this plan to work. I don’t know anything about the confectionary product we’re trying to sell, and I would have to put my time in to find out how this would work. There’s too many variables that still needs to be accounted for, and the product still needs to be tested in the Thai market. I also don’t think starting this for 6 months, then going back to Holland is a good idea because I would rather put in a continuous dedication to this project rather than leaving it to settle for half a year. Unless there’s a solid organization which I know will remain when I leave, I am not interested in helping with this project as an intership.


I think it’s a great idea for me to do an internship at a hotel in order to figure out hotel operations and to expand my network and skills. This could also subsequently allow a door for spreading E-HORS (my dad’s hotel operations software)  if I’m able to be successful in this branch. It would also teach me the management skills necessary in order to run an ‘eco resort’- our idea of a family business, because that’s where our talents lie in the family. Hotels are also everywhere around the world making my job very globalized and mobile.


Not only do I see longboarding as a hobby, but I also see it as something which I can use my talents in, in order to be of service to people. There is one dominating longboard shop in the Netherlands and there needs to be more efficiency within the other existing longboard businesses in order for them to even compete with this shop. This is of course only viable if people are willing to be helped, and serious about improving their business, otherwise it’s a dead-end game. It would be a good challenge and a good internship if I’m able to directly influence sales.

Other internships:

I have thought about consultancy for start-ups because entrepreneurship is also one of my greatest interests. I should probably figure out what I can do within this field, and where I would be able to do an internship for entrepreneurship other than the above options.

My objectives are therefore:

  • Talk more to my parents about the Thailand business concept more
  • Talk to some hotel people who are willing and able to give internships
  • Talk to the longboard shops to see what I can help them with
  • Find out about companies which provide consultancy for new startups
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2 Responses to Internship ideas

  1. joukep says:

    Let’s go through all the options next week. The last one (consultancy for start-ups) can only be successful if you have started a company and made it work so you know the pitfalls.
    See you soon.

    • iemkepostma says:

      I think you misunderstood the last one. Its not that I do the consultancy- its that I find a firm which does consultancy where I can do an internship. They have the knowledge and skills which I could learn form. We’ll see about this one though, and yes, see you soon!

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