Democracy, and its implementation

Why do people need to go out on the streets, in order to show how they really feel about governmental and economic policies? If we really live in a democracy, there should no reason for us to do so.

I think the reason is that most people are not aware of what is happening in their own country, and therefore have no control over it. People are not aware about the laws being passed, and the consequences these laws have towards them.

This is market failure- information is not being passed on and people are not aware of the policies at hand. It is the government’s job to reduce market failure. In order to do so, they need to educate people about what is currently happening, what policies are being discussed, and the consequences those policies have on the individual. There needs to be 2 sides of the story because there is no such thing as a foolproof social theory.

We have seen the consequences of regimes dictating what policies are to be implemented- I’m talking about the dictatorial communist regimes, and the Wall Street bankers who are able to dictate economic policy . In both cases, economic theories are implemented by those who can profit from it the most, and in both cases, they  justify their means with their ends. Those who have power will use it to profit from it themselves, so we need to give the power back to the people, and let the people profit.

There needs to be a voting system for every policy we have. People need to educate themselves about their own rights, and people need to be able to have the choice to vote on everything- agree, disagree or don’t care. We need to respect each other in order to move forwards. Individually we might not always get our way, but we must make sure that the majority of the people agree and benefit from the policy. There needs to be a platform where we can implement proposals, and people need to be able to vote on these propositions.

Let us vote about what should be done, and let us vote about who we will empower. Let our leaders guide, educate and inspire us. Let us be at peace with ourselves and others, and find a way to live together. Let us take the next step into the future together. Together, we will stand. Together, we are strong.

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