Learn through making mistakes.

My first test this trimester woke me up. What I realized is that I’m not learning effectively. I’m sure its possible to do the things I’m doing, and still be able to study to get the grades I want. I don’t want to just get good grades though, I want to understand what the hell I’m actually doing. I made the mistake of starting off sloppy, but this is about to change…

Learn Through Teaching

95% of the information we get from a lecture  and 90% of what we read gets lost according to http://www.psychotactics.com/blog/art-retain-learning/. How inefficient is this? If we teach what we know, or use the information immediately we retain 90% of the information. This made it clear to me what I have to do…

Study Groups

As of recently, I’ve set up a study group with a few people in order to discuss and work through our subjects. I started this late into the trimester, causing me to fall behind already because the way I’m studying at the moment, is not effective. This is because I am not held accountable towards other people to learn my subjects, and in the beginning I always thought I had time to catch up later, putting socialization in front of my studying a lot of the time. Combining socialization and studying was the answer, in the form of a study group.

I’m actually thinking right now that this is how I should’ve formed my OTD group as well. Work with the people you work best with. Work with the people you study closely with, because you already have that connection.

Apply What You Know

I’m going to be writing a lot more blogs. Especially since I have Philosophy of Science at the moment, I should be able to ramble on about my favorite subjects such as subjective reality, determinism, and all those other ‘guru’ topics. Applying what you know is important in order to retain information. My blogs are basically essays, although blog just sounds more fun.

And So…

The only thing left now is to put my plan into action. Planning has been one of my weaknesses, and that has got to change. I plan to make planning a strength of mine, and I will take the steps necessary to do so. I’ve started being more organized, I’ve started being more proactive and I’ve become determined in doing what I do. I will strive for entrepreneurship, and break borders. I will, because I can.

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