No more plastic

So I came up with a theory of how to get rid of all the plastic in the ocean, and it is based on one thing: human incentives.

First of all, I’m sure you’re aware about the amount of garbage there is in the ocean, and the way it not only affects the natural environment, but also our own food chain. My theory to clean this all up goes something like this:

The goal here is to turn plastic into a valuable resource. Once that has happened, there will be an incentive for people to go out into the seas to search for plastic like it was gold. This works because the greedier the people, the greater the job they will do at cleaning the ocean.

In order to turn plastic into a valuable resource, we have to make the product scarce because generally speaking, the more scarce a product, the higher the demand for it, and therefore the higher the value. A cut in supply and increase in demand works like a double edged sword.

To make plastic scarce, we have to be able to monitor its production, and slowly stop the flow of non-biodegradable plastic products being created in our environment. It is up to institutions to create such an environment. It is up to every individual to do the best they can.

Plastic could be turned into art and jewelry, be invested in and could be traded, much like is done with other scarce resources such as gold and diamonds.

Although this feat may be hard to realize, in theory it would work. In theory, there is still hope for the human race.

So what have I done to do ‘the best I can’?

I was in a store the other day to buy a belt. The belt came with a hard plastic hook which was used to hang it, and  a plastic bag which they put the product in. I returned both plastic items to the store.

I also am aware of what kind of packaging goes around my products when I go grocery shopping. Since I’ve gone primal, it’s not so hard to find products which come without plastic packaging except for the occasional plastic bag I get at the market, or plastic wrapping around vegetables.

When I buy juice, I buy juice that doesn’t have any plastic on it so I usually end up going for these 1 liter glass bottles with a metal cap.

Finally, I wrote this blog in order to manifest an idea into people’s heads, because I have no power at the moment to change any institution. Power lies with the people, and it is up to the people to change. Viva la revolution!

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