10 questions about the Primal Blueprint

1. In as few words as possible, how would you explain the Primal Blueprint to someone new to the concept?

It’s a lifestyle focusing on the core human needs in order to maintain good health.

2. What is the first thing a person should do to kick start their Primal life?

Stop eating processed products, especially those rich in complex carbohydrates, and realize what kind of things you’re fueling your body with. Do your research!

3. What do you think is the most important thing one should understand as they attempt to go Primal?

We may have evolved our society rapidly, but our bodies still function the same way in terms of its needs.

4. What was the biggest hurdle you experienced when going Primal and how did you overcome it?

Being able to stick to a primal diet despite social and physical inconvenience. I overcame it by applying the 80-20 rule, and preparing a lot of my food beforehand. When I cook, I usually prepare something for breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once.

5. If there is something you’d go back and do differently as it relates to diet, fitness and lifestyle behaviors, what would it be and why?

I would have started longboarding earlier in my life, so I could have been more skillful at it than I am now, and realized who I was earlier.

6. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

A green smoothie and two eggs fried in grass-fed butter.

7. What is your favorite Primal recipe and how do you make it?

I made something good recently with hollowed out courgette halves, filled with ground meat, tomato cubes, paprika, mushrooms and covered with cheese. In the oven for about 20minutes, and done!

8. What is your favorite Primal workout and how do you do it?

Chin ups, push ups and the occasional sprints. Its also great to play with a well built dog, because its got a lot of strength and good speed. Throwing a large branch then trying to take it off the dog is a great workout 😉

9. What is your best dining-out tip?

Do it in the company of the opposite sex, and preferably at their or your place of residence. However, I also love lunch in the city or as a pick nick in the park 🙂

10. How do you manage to stay Primal when friends, family,
coworkers and the rest of the world aren’t?

Eat the pasta sauce, and not the pasta. Also, try to cover your own food by doing your own groceries and cooking for yourself. Applying the 80-20 rule also allows flexibility but if you have a choice, go for the primal option.

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