IBA- tricky questions

Since I’m an ambassador for my study in International Business Administration (IBA), I have to do a lot of presentations, and answer questions from high school students and their parents. This is just for me to practice answering those questions.

“What would you say are the weak points of the programme?”

That it’s not medicine. Jokes. The weak point of the programme is that it specializes in International Business Administration: what you see is what you get. Although international business administration is a very broad term, I believe it prepares an individual well for whatever the business world holds for them in terms of knowledge, skills, and networks.

The programme itself is not weak. Some of its delivery might be but, overall, the mixture of courses provides a well rounded appreciation of the knowledge required in business. I also believe that it is the individual’s responsibility to pursue their own interest, and make sure they attain the knowledge they can in their own way.

“Is it true that it is mainly big classes?”

We have a mixture of lectures and workshops. Lectures tend to include the whole of IBA: some 300-400 people, whereas workshops are broken down into small manageable groups, allowing for a more interactive approach to learning. A lot of studying happens outside of the classroom as well.

“Are the exam mainly multiple choice?”

Yes, although there are a few exceptions.

“Is it mainly theory?”

It’s mainly theory, but there are opportunities to put theory into practice with, for example, the Strategic Business Plan. Also there are ample opportunities outside of the programme, such as student boards, which allows the use of putting business theory into practice.

“Is it true that you only have 15hours class a week?”

This may be true, but it is expected of you that you study 35hours a week in your own time as well. Maybe you won’t be able to make the expected self-study hours, but don’t underestimate the amount of work you have to do.

“Is it ‘Bedrijfskunde’ but then in English?”

There is a lot of overlap between IBA and BA, but the fact remains that we take an international approach to everything we do. IBA is also more exclusive than BA, with about half the capacity of students that BA has. Also,  because of the higher requirements needed to enter IBA, students that are selected are usually already quite driven and purposeful about pursuing a career based on international business administration.

“How is the English of the professors?”

Good overall. The ability to inspire, however, is reserved to only a handful of professors in the course.

“Can you choose your own group members?”

When it comes to completing assignments as a team, most of the time you get to choose who you work with. The RSM expects individuals to be somewhat independent, and this can be seen in the aspect of letting students be responsible for their own communication, organization and development.

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