Longboarding and Business

Brussels was a lot of fun. Car free sundays are an opportunity for us! I think we should be exploiting it more so next year again, and we do it better 😉  I was just meditating, and I had an epiphany about how I should develop my slides: I got to learn backside slides. Its cool when I do a regular 180FS slide, and if I’d be able to do a switch 180FS back, but as a skill, backside slides would be more of a breakthrough.

I gotta practice bombing hills as well. Get a clinic on it or something. I must say, some of the Sick riders are pretty damn good. I didn’t actually get a chance to see some of my compadres ride, like Boardfather and Baka people, but we should really board together some more.

I really also want to help the Boardfather increase their sales because they could be doing much better than they are doing now. I mean they don’t even have an online shop. When I want to direct people to shops, I can only really direct them to Sick: you can order shit online, it’s reliable when you do, and they have almost everything you want. I’m not sure if I could say the same about the Boardfather, and that’s a damn shame. I don’t hate Sick at all. I think it’s great what they’re doing, and have a fine business going. They want to be the best, and you can’t blame them for it. But I still see them as competition either way, since I’m a Boardfather and Morningwood team rider.

Morningwood is also really not much of a company just yet. They really need some time to grow. I guess what they’re doing now is getting their name out there. I think what they’re trying to do, is to create a certain vibe. Get people in the mood for Morningwood y’know 😉 It’s kind of true though. I actually convinced a guy to order a Morningwood board. My first successful prospect! He’s really excited to longboard, and I really hope he gets a nice deck.

This is my dream. To be an entrepreneur. To help business become stronger businesses. Like a personal trainer for businesses. It’s sort of like consultancy I guess. I also want to prove to myself that I can start my own business from a simple idea as well. That’s why I’m glad to have connections with my dad and Switzerland as well. The Student’s Card.

The Student’s Card is really taking too much time. I’m busy with the contract, because that’s asking for resources I don’t yet have. It’s great practice though, starting your own business from scratch. I really hope I get this thing off the ground though. If not, after Christmas, I will probably want to deepen myself in Hotel Operations because then I’d be able to go to Dubai to sell my dad and co’s project, E-HORS: Electronic Hotel Operation and Reservation System. He believes in the product, which makes me believe in it by default. He also believes in his business in Thailand, which I am more than willing to set up as an internship for my third year, and if successful, come back to it after I finish my bachelor. Both are very interesting projects.

My love for business came from a seed that was planted in Thailand. That seed came from a business project in Year 6; last year of primary school. What we did, I remember, was create these puppet things filled with flour and made out of balloons. Which made them sort of malleable. Which was a lot of fun to play with 😛 The production costs were astoundingly low, so we were able to sell at really high margins. There was also another group, who made sushi, as they got together a squad of Korean moms to make it. I think they did pretty well too. I think we did the best job though, because we were completely independent, and created our own product (which came from an existing idea). When I saw the amount of sales we made, and how much fun I had doing the project, there must’ve been something that clicked inside me. I didn’t really grab that passion, until I was back in The Netherlands.

Near the end of IB (International Baccalaureate), I was even thinking about doing Civil Engineering instead of International Business Administration. Civil Engineer seemed somehow very interesting, although now if I would choose engineering, I would probably be more into Industrial Design or Mechanical Engineering because of longboarding. I chose business because I realized that that is what I wanted to do in the longterm. The dream of being part of a family owned eco-resort, whilst being able to profit from other passive income. That is where my heart is, and now I’m following it with my mind.

Follow your dreams.

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