Free-writing, routines, and a primal diet.

It’s not easy writing a good blog. I’m still practicing, although I love reading other blogs like The Art of Manliness and Mark’s Daily Apple. What I started doing a lot recently is free-writing, which is basically writing what you think of the top of your head without stopping. It might not make sense, but it is great for realizing how you structure your thoughts, and finding out what your mind is occupied with. For me, I find it a great meditation technique as you’re very in the moment, and are able to filter your thoughts through a  single process.

I don’t like to post my free-writing journals online because I like to be able to write without having to think about what kind of audience I’m writing towards. It’s not actually that so much, but its more of a feeling that you’re naked on the internet if you posted all your thoughts. I don’t think many people would want naked pictures of themselves on the internet either.

The free-writing fits into a new plan I’m making for myself, which involves setting up a morning and evening routine. What I figured was that if your morning and evening routines were solid, the randomness of your day wouldn’t affect your aspired long term outcomes. At the moment my morning routine looks like this:

07:00- wake up, get into shower, and put in lenses

07:15- change and prepare/eat breakfast

07:45- brush teeth and check e-mail, Facebook, university channels etc.

08:15- leave for school on longboard

08:35- arrive at school and freshen up before class. Socialize with fellow students.

09:00- most important task of the day (ideally)

This is basically it. Maybe I shouldn’t include e-mail and Facebook into my morning routine, but I enjoy my morning web surfing times. I also don’t always have to wake up this early, but it would be ideal as I would like to do all the important stuff in the morning, and chill in the evening- I would like to become an early riser. Not partying the day before would also help. Occasionally would be ok, but at the moment, I feel like I need to study more, and put some parties on hold. A good evening routine would also ensure I get to bed on time.

The evening routine made me also think about my new diet. I started eating primal on Monday and am currently really enjoying the cut-out of grains in my diet. (Check out the Primal Blueprint if you want to know why I’m changing my diet. Google it. I’m lazy.) I don’t really have a strict evening routine, which is something I have to work on, but I’m thinking of something along the lines of:

  • Preparing breakfast (smoothie), lunch (salad) and dinner (meat and veg) in one go, so I only really cook once a day.
  • Blogging/other writing before I go to sleep
  • Reading before I go to sleep
  • Other chores

I really have to see how I am going to incorporate my primal diet with my situation here, especially since I live with roommates, who I share food with. It’s probably likely that we’re going to split up our food, but it’s all good.

I’m looking forward to building some powerful routines, and seeing where it will take me. Life’s good 🙂

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