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10 questions about the Primal Blueprint

1. In as few words as possible, how would you explain the Primal Blueprint to someone new to the concept? It’s a lifestyle focusing on the core human needs in order to maintain good health.   2. What is the … Continue reading

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IBA- tricky questions

Since I’m an ambassador for my study in International Business Administration (IBA), I have to do a lot of presentations, and answer questions from high school students and their parents. This is just for me to practice answering those questions. … Continue reading

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Longboarding and Business

Brussels was a lot of fun. Car free sundays are an opportunity for us! I think we should be exploiting it more so next year again, and we do it better 😉  I was just meditating, and I had an … Continue reading

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Free-writing, routines, and a primal diet.

It’s not easy writing a good blog. I’m still practicing, although I love reading other blogs like The Art of Manliness and Mark’s Daily Apple. What I started doing a lot recently is free-writing, which is basically writing what you … Continue reading

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