Longboarding: Promoting the Dutch scene

I woke up today very ok, with pleasant temperate weather, and a house full of people I care very much for. Although I didn’t get too much sleep the night before, I still felt very energetic since I was preparing for a driving lesson at midday. As it turned out, the driving lesson got postponed because the car had to go through some operations which would take a while. This left me with a pretty much free day. First thing I did was lie on the couch, which lowered my heart rate. Then I just started drifting off in and out of consciousness. By the end of the afternoon, I realized I hadn’t done anything productive today as I was just rotting on the couch. Although there were other distractions, I realized I had to go longboarding. Like it was my duty. I didn’t mind a bit. I love longboarding. I love the feeling of the ground rolling past your feet. I love the feeling of smooth dance steps on the board. I love it.

Now that I’m sponsored by 2 companies, MorningWood and The Boardfather (one a custom and stock boardbuilder, and one a boardshop respectively), I feel that I also have to lead what I do with longboarding into a direction. And my direction is southern europe.

To promote the Dutch longboarding scene- including its builders, its vibe and its people- I wanted to see if I can get a group together to skate towards southern europe, acting as the ambassadors. It would be awesome if we were self supported, but this would also tie our hands down in being able to promote the Dutch scene, as a support vehicle can carry promotion material (boards, stickers, flyers, merchandise) and also lessen the weight of what we’re carrying. This would make the ride more enjoyable, and will be more approachable for people with limited long distance experience.

I am really stoked about this idea. Talk to me about it šŸ™‚

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One Response to Longboarding: Promoting the Dutch scene

  1. cvallender says:

    Come to Switzerland!

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