Zwolle Restday and the end of the trip for me…

The last day of the trip for me since I needed some rest before the 24 hour ultra skate on Saturday. It was still 15km to Zwolle from the camping. An awesome ride because it really tested me with full gear and the weather was great. Once in Zwolle, we took our time to chill out and were hanging around town until the group was meeting to skate at the weekly ‘Zwolle Rolle’. This started off really relaxed with mellow weather, and a really chill park where they were also practicing martial arts. Naturally, I took an interest in that, talking about their experiences with martial arts, and sharing mine having learnt some basics of Shifu Shi Yan Ming’s book. The whole vibe was just right. After that, I met up with the skaters who were dancing and sliding but out of nowhere, it started pouring fat drops out of the sky. It was actually quite amazing to see. The park had a very Japanese minimalistic style, and looked very beautiful being painted by the rain. The hardcore skaters would ofcourse go sliding and dancing in the rain, so I joined. Words can not describe how awesome that was. The energy, the feeling, the freedom of not giving a f*ck about the rain and actually enjoying it. That is what longboarding is about for me. After it stopped raining, more people went sliding on the wet surfaces of the park. That was cool. Berry got super excited about his newfound skating abilities on wet ground, which was good to see. We also tried trashing a 7 euro skateboard which Terry bought at the supermarket, which was fun. After a while of extended chilling sessions, I left the group which ended my journey. The trip gave me a lot. It introduced me to people I  now see as brothers, it made me push myself to my limits, and it gave me new experiences I’ll cherish. I hope to see the video of it all soon! For now, time to rest before the ultraskate…

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