Roosendaal to Middelburg

Started the day off great with sunshine and a lot of smooth asphalt. It was me, Joost and Terry. Berry was still crippled, and the other skaters I mentioned only joined for the day trip because of other responsibilities. We were skating along quite easily until Joost’s wheel broke simply through wear and tear… this, even though his wheels were only 3 weeks old. We were chilling in the shades of some trees for backup to arrive, so Joost could get a ride (we didn’t have spare wheels) and so we could get going. After the pickup, it was only me and Terry but we had some amazing skate routes after this. Shortly after skating again, Terry’s bearing broke again. This time, we had to wait for the car to come back with some spare bearings because we didn’t have any on us at the time. When that was done, we skated to Goes where we took a short break at the station and got Berry to join us as he was feeling better. From there, we skated to an indoor skatepark in Middelburg where we were supposedly allowed to stay the night…but when we called them to confirm that day, they said no. On the way to this place, however, we coincidentally met Jochem at the draw bridge near Middelburg station who skated with us for a while. Since we couldn’t stay at the skatepark, we found another campsite where we could stay for free, and spent the night there.

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