Eindhoven to Den Bosch

Day 2 for the trip, day 1 for me. The skaters that already did Maastricht to Eindhoven were exhausted from the day before due to crappy weather, crappy roads and a loooong ride. Berry, Terry, Joost and Ruben were part of this group. Ruben, however, injured himself while downhilling on Original trucks… (That one is for the longboarders to figure out.) Me and Jasper met the group at the trainstation in Eindhoven to continue the journey and start it for me, but end it for Ruben because of his injury. Day 1 was pretty easy for me, feeling very fresh for the trip. The weather was great as well for most part, and the roads were decent. Finished the trip at the campsite and had a very chilled out afternoon session. I believe we did about 60km that day… a piece of cake.

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