Den Haag “Rust Dag” (Rest day)

Woke up slow with sunshine and some good sleep. Interesting dreams as usual. Skated to Den Haag to get some spare parts and new wheels, then chilled and skated in the park. Uber chill day. Practicing some dancing, sliding and nose manny’s then slowly made our way back to the campsite where we met Elias who was going to join us for the rest of the journey. Invented a game that I’ll call “Urethane Wheel Bowling” or “UWBing” for short, where we roll spare skate wheels at beer cans, and used our boards as a defence for the wheels rolling too far. Fuckin’ smart! Played a game of “Bite the Bag”… and won both rounds with about 2cm off the ground (its on tape ;). We ate pretty good food as well that day, making the most of our sponsored vegetables, and turned it into some good pasta sauce. Oh yeah, by the way, the trip is meant to be for charity, and to raise awareness about people who have some kind of skin disease which can easily cause blisters… which is appropriate, seeing the number of blisters we’ve accumulated as a group. This means we also get sponsored stuff. Like more than 60 liters of almost all organic soup, and a crap load of fruit and vegetables… which is awesome! A good end, to a good day.

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