Den Bosch to Roosendaal

That was one hell of a trip. Started skating at 10:00am, but had to wait in the rain for an hour because of an extra skater, Danny, to join. Lost a wheel, lost our way, and skated through some really shitty terrain. The wheel just popped off because of a broken bearing, but that was quickly fixed beside the sidewalk. We eventually found our way, but had to go through some unskateable grounds, and had to walk some of the way. Bits of smooth asphalt here and there can make 4 dudes with boards very happy 🙂 Finally arrived just before 21:00 with our tents pitched for us, and food on the table. Nothing could be sweeter. This, mostly thanks to our driver, cook and supporter Egbert and our crippled skater Berry who had an injury on his foot preventing him to skate that day. Warm showers, internet and TV at the camping. We skated through shit, and came out clean the other end. We skated about 80-90km that day.

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