Online Education

Since Patricia told me recently that she liked reading my blogs, it motivated me to write some more. Thanks Patricia 🙂

On to the topic…

My dad actually started with the idea: make videos which teach students want they want to know, and make them available on the internet. This is the future of education.

I recently watched a documentary reminding me of this on youtube. Watch it here:

It mostly focuses on the American system however, although a small role does play here in the Netherlands. But even here I notice the inefficiencies of some of the lectures I go to.

I go to university to be inspired by teachers, not to listen to some information that’s simply being regurgitated. I hate it when professors do that. Probably the reason why I skip 50% of all lectures, and still end up passing all courses. When they do that, its wasting my time, and its wasting their time. They probably find it boring themselves attempting to teach a class that’s half listening, half sleeping, resulting in a complete lack of synergy. What I’m heading towards is why not make a good video of what you’re trying to teach, teach it once, teach it good, and profit from it for years? Internet and excellent video editing software has made all these things possible, but I still lack a sense of people exploiting these resources. It would save everyone a shit load of money. And I’m talking billions, if not trillions in terms of the whole economy.

There are some people that I follow who are great teachers, and actively upload youtube movies teaching applicable knowledge, like Justin Sandercoe:

Khan Academy:

And even the occasional ExpertVillage and Howcast teach some pretty useful stuff. What I’m still missing, is a place where I can go to which teaches every single subject I need to know in order to complete my degree in International Business Administration. If this was done in a Khan Academy style, I would be glued to my screen forever, and I’d probably be completing my bachelor degree on a deserted tropical beach somewhere.

I have an avid interest in entrepreneurship. Everything about it just resonates with who I am. It takes an entrepreneur to set something like this up, and I would be more than willing to do that. If you’re ahead of me, please, continue by all means. But I will make this my goal.

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