Freedom is Choice

I don’t have the capacity for a blog a day, so I gotta amp it down a bit. Anyway, here’s my blog after some time.

I want to work on my goals by looking closer at my own behavior. I think that’s one of the things that interest me most about my studies as well- human behaviour, entrepreneurship, and people and systems.

You need to have a lot of trust in your government system in order to give yourself the best chance of freedom- economic freedom, personal freedom, freedom of choice etc. and somehow, I want to understand this, so that I can find a way for more people to benefit from a system that works, because if other people benefit, I benefit. At least that’s the theory behind why I want to do what I do.

Lately I’ve been planning a longboarding trip, inspired by my previous blog about long distance longboarding. I want to do a long distance trip through France now. Through my research, I also stumbled upon this guy:

And it also got me thinking: “Why does this guy have to rely on charity, and donations by others in order to make his plan work?” I really love his idea, but when you look at the amount of sponsors he has, and the amount he needs, it makes it clear about what really needs to happen.

First of all, the Kenyan government should take an interest in what he’s doing: he’s trying to improve their economy with his project. On the other hand, corruption plays a big role, especially in these kinds of places, so it’s a matter of foreign investment.

I say investment, not charity. Charity doesn’t work, because there are, in general, no strong incentives for a person to give away their money in return for nothing. Everybody, in general, looks out for their own interest.

I think it is up to foreign investment to turn undeveloped countries into places where there is high economic growth. I base this on the fact that the four Asian tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea) have owed much of their current success to foreign direct investment. It was the U.S. that opened the market in Asia. Now it will probably be up to free economic nations to open up the market in Africa.

I base these assumptions on the revolutions currently taking place in Northern Africa, which exposes corrupt governments to the world. The fact is that the corrupt governments themselves have no power to stop the people, because they are viewed through the eyes of the world, thanks to modern technology. Foreign intervention is required in order to stop the senseless killing which is happening in Libya at the moment. A good economy has the capability to invest in good military equipment, so it is up to the free economy, to help the rest of the people, and protect those who are economically beneficial to them ( to put it crudely). Because of world trade, everyone has an interest in each others’ well being, as it is economically beneficial, for all of us, to trade with another person.

We are living in a world where change happens so fast, you might miss something if you close your eyes for a second. I’d like to conclude by saying that I think good times are going to come, for the world, for the future, and for the human race. I’m very optimistic about change, like its ingrained in me, because I believe we are only as good as the choices the poorest people in our society have. And freedom is choice.

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